Stop bitching and learn how to use BitMEX, retards

Losing money holding bags? Meanwhile I'm printing money shorting and longing the market. Keep posting pink wojaks while I claw my way to the top lmfao.

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q3 lol

stop shilling for Shitmex faggot no one cares we are putting our money in an IRA and watching it bloom

It'd just be gambling for me. I really can't seem to pull it off

>he thinks he is Jesse livingston and can beat literal bucketshops

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How many of these have been you?

Am brainlet. How much money are these guys losing here? Does that figure mean dollars lost? There was one that said over 1m liquidated. Any fren hlep explain?

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None because I use stop limits instead of getting liquidated like a mongrel.

1 contract = 1 USD, but the bot doesn't know what leverage was used. Divide the amount by 100 to find the MINIMUM that they lost.

yeah, dollars


$ @ price

Bag holder FUDdin

You can do x200 on bitmex

Post your trade history or fuck off

And let whales fuck with me? No thanks.

Thanks, so the 1m guy lost anywhere between 10k (at lowest leverage) and 1m at max x100 leverage.

So 1m guy could have been 200 x'ing 5k?


You're not OP, but you are a confirmed larper