Said his pick was well under 50 cents and 100m market cap. then he calls aion. i need an explanation

said his pick was well under 50 cents and 100m market cap. then he calls aion. i need an explanation.

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He never said today's pick was the coin he was talking about.

he's a massive faggot and is only big because boomers need validation in everything they do


what the fuck was he talking about then

what I said doesn't change anything you dink

i wasted 2 hours watching his sales pitch waiting for pick then he pulls this shit today. How is this clown in business.

He definetly has that " GIMME ALL YOUR MONEY " grin on his face at all times hahaha

Wish I could kick this fucking pajeet in the teeth. Tired of seeing his smug face on biz.

This pajeet is a genius! He was able to pump multiple coins at once by revealing false information which lead to people speculating and buying coins in advance (APPC for example) which he had previously bought . Then he proceeded to make the actual call AION which curiously had been slowly climbing...

I have to give him credit though, that was a smart move for a pajeet.

pretty hilarious

Man knows what he's doing

what was he talking about. it wasnt gto there was no billionaire on the project.

WTF are you talking about. he said he had a special coin under .30 cents he couldn't reveal today and for the low price of $3000 all would be revealed.

I thought this guy was legit because he shilled an ICO I bought (Cindicator). Then I listened to the video you brainlets were going nuts over.

Absofuckinglute scam artist dumbasses. He shilled AION once before and I bought it. Then listened to the team go on and on & dumped. Enjoy your bags.

ya lets call up pbc they have 2 phone numbers if we all call we can get some answers from this fuckign bald fuck

get the reports here

i'm not even buying his next pick.
i barely got out of aion with a 2% win.

The price jumped because some retard market bought with $100,000 of OPM, and that retard still hasn't recovered their money.

You fuckers just don't know how to play his picks. Subscribers with bots get a once a month chance at a 100% instant pump. Everyone else who hears about the coin within the first hour can buy the crash and get minimum 10-20% gains within a day. It's not fucking difficult.

I thought you guys liked opportunities to get rich? You don't even have to pay a penny, just get on PBLeaks telegram or anywhere else that leaks the report.

i did buy the crash. I got 2%. If i timed it a little better I'd get 5%.
this shit isn't worth it anymore. he's trying to pump big shit like aion?
come the fuck on.

post your trades faggot

How long does it take them to leak the report?

i jstu called the number on their website and called him a bald fucking pajeet and said where the 50 cent coin u prick he then hung up on me.

I am doing group buying with bunch of folks..please give me your email


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Literally a waste of money. I'm part of a huge group buy (We ended up paying 30$ each) and I literally wasted that 30$.

ive already lost my mortgage and family on AION

fuck this shiny head mother fucker

Only newfags are complaining don't worry
Everyone with a brain can profit off of teeka even without a bot


Record it next time

i thoguth call was chat cause it mooned exactly at 4 pm est os i market bought adn sold for 20% profit ahahahah

this guy is a stained jew with that nose and beady eyes. ugly motherfucker. most scammiest lookign face i ever seen mr potatohead scam fucking pajeet