Did the recent dump cause this?, how much link on his wallet?

Did the recent dump cause this?, how much link on his wallet?

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lmgtfy.com/?q=r9k suicide

his room was plastered with anime posters lol, good riddance i say.

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>disliking anime yet browsing Veeky Forums

Now he doesn't have to watch to Segey again. Now, he is free.

his room was plastered with the insides of his head I'd say

that too lmfao

Mental illness caused that.

>le Veeky Forums is a weeb site meme
Fuckoff degenerate

>i need to degrade suicide victims so the act won't touch me emotionally

which animes doe

Sword Art Online of all things

What a depressing video, r9k or not pretty sad to see another user die
These ones

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Normalfaggot detected

Thanks, Ive been glued to biz so I missed this.

This guy is a martyr. His death will be the catalyst that will make crypto moon.

Deep down I know this isn't bait. Do you realize where you are posting this you absolute cretin.

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Oh please.

You’re projecting YOUR weakness.

Some of us believe in survival of the fittest you sad little numale.

Did his fucking brains landing on a tarp “touch your feels”. I would wholeheartedly support you following his lead.

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Jesus, have some respect. I just can't take this anymore. I'm selling all my Link. Too many immature little kids holding it. Even if it goes to $1000 eoy, knowing I'm not getting rich alongside a bunch of sick degenerates makes my mind richer than any physical money could.

Simple history and facts prove you wrong because your a mindless shitposter loser.

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why would I give a fuck about some faggot that blew his face off? he's burning in hell atm. I do feel bad for his mom though who he had no consideration for.

literally join him


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The absolute state of this generations males.

Your grandparents feel like vomiting at the thought of your weakness

>believes in hell

kys reddit

sauce on the video?

can someone pink him?

>I got called on being a weak low test homo, so I will post an edge meme

Pic related is you

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Some muslim NEET kills himself instead of snackbaring in public

Good desu

wasnt he a spic?

Where’s the full video for this ?

Dis nigga lives in the same town as me


kyle busch

The 1st youtube result
lmgtfy.com/?q=r9k suicide
Happens in the 1st 5 minutes.

>projecting that your a soyboy

someone was saying he talked about Roger Ver ruining him

You're not your you illiterate fucking retard. Back to /b for you.

We arent all degenerates

He couldn't have killed himself if he didn't access to guns.

Shit, we've got a real edge lord here.

You're the ones who are too afraid to face emotions and reality, instead you shield yourselves with childish defense mechanisms.

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Anyone have a link?


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>some of us believe in survival of the fittest
Survival of the fittest doesn’t even take place in humans anymore, at least in first world countries. Retarded thing to say.

>people unironically think this is real

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