Hello, you know who I am. This is a warning

Hello, you know who I am. This is a warning.

Don't sell.

People are panic selling because this is the first year people will have to pay serious taxes on bitcoin.

The IRS will be examining coinbase, but they do not have the resources to go through the millions of trades made on all the different exchanges and process that information. My accountant, who charges $350 an hour, explained that Trump's tax reforms this year are causing major headaches for the IRS and they have much bigger problems to spend their resources on. Remember that the IRS is a business- they have limited resources and want to maximize profit. They will definitely look at crypto, but not nearly as throughly as some anxious people may think.

Whales are waiting right now for the price to hit bottom. They know people are scared, especially since the IRS waited until the very last moment to release the information on whether or not trades would be considered taxable events. People will sell at lows out of despair, and buyers will scoop up crypto at incredibly low prices, and you will see the prices surge.

Yes, you SHOULD pay taxes, BUT, don't let yourself get squeezed out at the very bottom. Hold, and if you're in the US go on a tax payment plan so you can sell at an ATH. Crypto is only beginning, and you will see bitcoin break 30k within a couple of months (but after taxes are due). Extend your filing date, for sure.

Crypto is the greatest threat to the banksters that the world has ever known. Make no mistake, YOU, and collectively WE are under attack.

I hope you read this amidst all this rampant fud and shit posting.

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I don't know who the fuck are you and i wasn't selling already

The IRS isn’t examining Coinbase, get educated.

thank me later

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shitty copy pasta fuck off; it doesnt even make sense

crypto market >>>>>> MUH IRS

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Whatever. Just filed my taxes. Was a huge amount. Had to end up putting some on a credit card.. Oh well. Got audit insurance as well.

wtf is a audit insurance?
noburger here
do you really have a insurance for getting raped by the irs? are you crazy?

>you know who I am

Yeap I have ass rape insurance now

jokes on them. I have to pay less tax because of crypto

holy fuck

If the IRS is to take this seriously they should force the exchanges to generate the 1099 forms.

Otherwise, if you want to be a serious trader crypto or otherwise, don't half ass your own bookkeeping and keep records of every trade and transfer.

>please steal from me more efficiently

>The fuck state of burgers

Anons, leave. This is a fucking intervention - all that "muh freedoms" shit is a meme. Just fucking leave burgerland to the kikes, tacos and niggers - that shit is just SO fucked up. There's problems everywhere, but ffs thats low, needing insurance against your own government?

Even all those "evil socialist" europoor governments are more free enterprise friendly than burgerland now, with little difference in taxes (much friendlier on cryptos in fact), less regulation and at least they give you free gibs. And the big exit kebab is coming soon, even fucking lefties are getting the picture that sand nigger imports are bad. Or go to Asia - more actual freedom (in the real sense) than the US.

Omg, you're actually retarded.

Binance (for example) isn't run by Americans or located in the US. The rest of the world is NOT going to fluff your draconian kleptocracy police state bullshit.

Yeah it's fucked, but you need enough to purchase a passport of another country. That's what Rodger Ver did. Even then they audit you before you leave and you need the permission of the US State department to give up your citizenship.
Americans have to pay taxes no matter where they reside in the world and almost every country on earth reports US Citizens accounts to the IRS.

Jessica Edström

we're talking about the IRS you mental midget

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>Yes, you SHOULD pay taxes

Lol no. Come back to me when the IRS starts getting taxed.

>we're talking about the IRS

riiiihgt. I'm not scared of some limited human organization that never pays their fair share in taxes.

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