Lightning network released

>Lightning network released
>Bullish news everywhere
Don't wait for the 6k dip, user.

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They will push it down to 6k anyway

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It's going below $6k dude, it'll hit $3k at least

What, the video game company?

if mr.wrongthink himself is behind lightning network that confirms the rumors about bitcoin being co-opted. I’ll trade in gwei from henceforth.

No, the payments company run by Jack Dorsey.

Like Paypal and shit? Never heard about it,

abra is the hot thing : the real decentralized exchange based on LTC smart contracts

Bitmain isn't going to let BTC mining be unprofitable brainlet.

is everyone here retarded?
the only crypto i would use to pay something would be a tetherlike crypto
why should i use a volatile asset?

they will let it for a short time to trigger the suicides
why not? they have heavy funds

Thats what they want, squeeze out the little miners


Lightning network is insecure, inconvenient garbage

Whales have more coin than miners brainlet. They will do what the fuck they want.

Miners actually pose a threat to whales because over time they are causing inflation.

Think deeper next time.

Miners are the biggest whales
No one else was able to get thousands and thousands within the first few years other than exchanges and dark net vendors

oh good another platform that @jack can use to censor conservatives

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Mainnet nodes have been online for awhile now. This isn't really news.

They aren't any more - people like the Winklevoss twins are. All the people who had thousands and thousands of coins at the beginning have sold by now.

Priced in.

>This isn't really news.
It literally is in the news. It wasn't before. That's what matters. If something happens but no one knows about it, it isn't news.

So, how much BTC can you send through this garbage, like 1 BTC? Because everyone knows LN liquidity levels are, at best, stupid low.

Also, you need to keep your Lightning node constantly open just to send and receive BTC?

Fucking kek

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lmfao what, they cause inflation at the expense of making the network work
you think whales want to sit on stacks of a worthless token?

> Miners actually pose a threat to whales because over time they are causing inflation.

even one person mining in his basement causes the same inflation as thousands of miners

if miners go out of business the inflation remains the same, brainlet

I'm not sure if you guys are trying to say that mining bitcoin has only become profitable mid last year, or that the difficulty to mine has doubled in half a year.

I'm trying to say the inflation schedule of Bitcoin is not affected by miners, so whales cannot really affect it

Core nerds will pay $9.99 a month to rent a Lightning Channel (TM)

I bought my dog using Square back in 2015

Your chosen payment provider has a node, the merchants’ payment providers have nodes. That is the spirit. You don’t absolutely need to have your own node, mutualisation is what will allow you to pay next to no fee.