It's pretty obvious that the bubble is bursting and a return to the mean is upon us

It's pretty obvious that the bubble is bursting and a return to the mean is upon us.

Let me make it more clear for those who don't understand what that means

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2k boys

Fuck off with your meme chart faggot

It might take a while (1 - 1.5 years max) but it will be followed by a huge parabolic upswing last $20k. But shitcoins will be purged and won’t enjoy the rising tide

your bad investments have made you emotional

>he charts on cmc
>he charts on a linear scale
>his lines don't remotely match up

I disagree with the angle of your meme line. 7k looks like the average to me.

Is the geometric mean a bit higher.

Mining cartels will never let it go below 6k op. it just wont happen.

Found the brainlet

Fuck off nerd.

>7k looks like the average to me

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This chart is even generous. The true mean is much lower, as I've only included 2017.

Just keep in mind that bubbles can (and historically do) span over a year long period

First off you need to use a log chart. Secondly your lines are all sorts of fucked up. You need to go from highs on the top and lows on the bottom..

Basically get fucked.

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Yeah okay... people just "won't let it happen"

a market needs millions of buyers to sustain this kind of growth. Even a few hundred thousand miners wont do much (and there are probably only 100k-200k miners these days)

OP don’t be a cuck, Bitcoin crashes harder than everyone expected (also pumped more than everyone expected and will ever pump in 4-5 years, but it’s not completely dead.

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source pls


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Do you realize that would make the estimate even LOWER?

I was being conservative in the favor of bitcoin in this analysis

fucking lol

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> lines that include the bubble trend from the past few months are relevant to future predictions

fucking lollllllll

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Why do you think anyone here is acutally going to listen to your bullshit. Keep drawling lines and miss the run fag.

>I've only been in crypto for 6 months listen to me guys pls

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These TA lines mean nothing in a market thats driven by news, hype, and speculation, yet morons are still out here drawing lines and wondering why they keep losing money lol.

OK derplet

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>he charts on cmc
you can chart on a fucking napkin with crayola if you do long term

>Whenever bitcoin goes up its a whale/miner conspiracy.
And I thought the tether FUD you pajeets were spamming was fucking stupid.

Do you have a special kind of autism or is it your regular one?

You're all obviously retarded, so I'll make this real simple for you.

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and why the fuck would your mean line start only from summer 2017?
how bout starting at least from beginning of '17 that will give us 4k
or even better from 2016 so mean will be at 2k

>return to the mean



If you believe this you are fucking stupid. This market is 100% controlled and manipulated. What we are witnessing is one GIANT PUMP AND DUMP. Wall st is crashing the market, why do you think we got all this fud during this crash, why fud comes out right after a dip?

Wall st is in the game now, they will never let it go to these levels, hell even if Wall st left it wouldnt go to these levels. Wall St is gonna pump this shit like you won't believe in 2-3 months. Thats all its gonna take.

If you believe this fud you're a brainlet. Market movers would NEVER allow this to happen. There is TOO MUCH MONEY TO BE MADE.

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>The log meme

You only use log to see percentual changes, it doesn't invalidates a linear chart. In fact, doing predictions based on a log chart is risky because it can actually act like a noise filter.

Thing is, the bubble popped, and we are going to 2k.


You're a dumbo lmao. Hint, zoom out on the crypto market cap fhart, zoom out on btc chart, it looks like a classic pnd

That's because it is you brainlet

You're a fucking braindead brainlet if you think this market is organic and were going to 2k lmao

start the line from the 18 Sept. point and would be more realistic

Deluded. Those with large amounts of capital make money whether it goes up or down. They make the most money when it goes down, and they have leverage, and they are the ones sending it down.

Nope, you are wrong
What's important is the % change, not the change in dollar value. That is why most professionals use logarithmic charts.

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Definitely going sub 3k.

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We're back to 8.2k. We bull now.

You're deluded. They dont want to damage the market by bringing it back to nothing. They want to drive it down far enough so that deluded brainlets like you make these threads and everyone sells. thats how a PnD works. They dont want to crash the thing to 0 so the market looks permanently damaged.

They want to pump this thing later on in this year, I'd give it 60-90 days. There will be no "2 year recovery" LMAO, these are humans, they want their money. They arent going to wait.

But go ahead and sell and wait for 2k. You are never seeing it again.

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That chart doesn't tell me the truth, which is Bitcoin being a bubble.

Again, using log charts you are filtering crucial data.

log scale is the proper scale do use on anything other than an interday chart.

100s of years of charting disagree with you

Still, linear chart is hard evidence that the bubble already popped.

>coinmarketcap charting

Still you are reading into the charts what you want to see.

In the case of (AMZN), there were two false breaks above the downtrend line as the stock declined during 2000 and 2001. These false breakouts could have led to premature buying as the stock continued to decline after each one. The stock lost 60% of its value three times over a two-year period. The semi-log scale reflects the percentage loss evenly, and the downtrend line was never broken.

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The general rule in technical analysis is that it takes two points to draw a trend line and the third point confirms the validity.
Almost impossible on an arithmetic chart long term.

ok cum box, show me proof of your short position or go the fuck back to your special needs home on reddit.

>Anazon stock price
>Bubble burst at 150
>fell to 10
>trades at 1500 now

Yep. It's a fucking tech uptake curve too - was smartphones a fucking bubble?

Of course there'll be another bull run. It'd be great if it did go back down to 6k for a while, but it's just fucking doubtful.

and of course you knew that at the time because of your crystal ball. The discussion is about proper charting, not crystal balls.

So what's your prediction then? Will the market go fractal and follow the same curve it did from Jan 2014? If you consider psychological factors, like the fact people isn't able to buy 1 entire BTC so easily now, I won't be so sure we are going back up. When I bought 1 BTC I didn't miss the oportunity to buy a decent car, pay rent, etc. Nowadays that doesn't apply.

yeah why kill the goose that laid the golden egg?

Get ready for the 6k true double'll be the cheapest it will ever be again.

Charting is ALL about market psychology. That's what a chart is. I don't make predictions, I follow the trend lines. If we go under 7400 for a day I'll sell, If we go above 9500 I'll buy. For now we are ranging.

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Call it a coincidence or whatever but the crash stopped at the support line last time.

As far as the support hold if will be re-tested for me that line is still valid.

Zoomed in from

>> Linear graph

Just stop there faggot

Lierally Buy high Sell Low?

...or catch a falling knife.
I didn't lose any money in 1999 and none in 2008.
I follow the trend lines. They tell you when to sell and buy. Crystal balls tell you where the falling knife stops.

>buy high
>sell low

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fucking tards. I got in BTC at sub 400...
yeah I'll sell low..

>nothing wrong with selling the bottom and missing out on huge returns because i'm already in the black!

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Yeah teach me senpai.
So tell me where the bottom is so I don't sell it.
Give me a number and your chart..

>da bottom id where my poopee come out!! mommy i'm a investor now!!!!

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At some point the resistance will break and this sell off will become the bear trap for the next rise.
>mfw bear trap is almost over

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All right gotta go
For you anons that want to be able to chart a little on your own and not look at retard crayon anons posting bullshit that will lose you money, read and understand just this page and you'll be fine.

and remember three points on a log chart is confirmation of a trend.

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damn don't think I've ever seen a shitposting OP get BTFO this heard

>millions of buyers to sustain this kind of growth
one single person with about 1 million bucks is enough to pump this market if he wants, wtf you saying brainlet, we are sitting on 300bi market, this is dust

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Sorry wrong page user

>pfffft gkulk mmmmng pft slurrbr tngh pffttt

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i lold

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so then why the fuck have I never seen a trader use a log chart, and I follow a bunch of random day/swing traders and investors. They have never posted a fucking log chart

The market isn’t bottoming out. The stock market has been at all-time highs, and still is. The crypto market, on the other hand, is bottoming out because everyone is realizing that every cryptocurrency is more useless than the next. FOMO was the only thing that soared the prices, but that’s gone now. People realized that they weren’t missing out on anything. If you’re planning on making money in the crypto world, good luck! You’re going to need it....

>realization of technology that is being speculated on generates a linear worth
OP confirmed for retard.

you tell them bro

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i thought the jews wouldn't let it go below 10k and here we are

I was born in the year 2000, so I didn't loose any money in 1999 or 2008 either.

I think it's going down but 2k doesn't sound reasonable.