Hi Veeky Forums

Hi Veeky Forums.

Barclays, Goldman, Arba Global in broader market. Play for long games.

Here's something interesting for other technically inclined peoples.


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fucking mexicunt food

wtf is tht plate of fried grasshooper

fukin greasenigs

Skycoin moon confirmed?

AMB moon when seipaichi

oh shit kimchiwhale,
thanks for the doc, looks T H I C C,
do you also have something for us with only 2 digits IQ?

Hey Kimchi - any hint as to what the market might be doing in the next week or two? Thoughts on Teeka's AION pick?

KimchiBro, you're just as bad as SwissBro! Fake news with a shitty Telegram group! I have real insider information.

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show us your shit hole bitch

Is the euclid group still up? Noticed it was gone from my telegram

Nope! PrometheusFag pussied out and shut that shit down. Afraid of getting called out more by me.

Ok well that's new. Solid.

Go back to telegram/discord/slack with op, this coordinated shilling itt is the most inorganic bs ever witnessed


Big event middle of April. Many whales & developers active involved in development of Skycoin.

Saw many interesting things in Tokyo. AMB very connected but cannot go public, learning from WTCs mistake.

Interoperability is biggest problem in blockchain atm.

The TG group is still there. New admins banned a bunch of people. Swissbro is active there.
Just request an unban.

How do you feel about smart-contracts long-term? Do you think LINK has a role to play in the overall infrastructure of blockchain platforms?

Nice... is that a confirmation that AION is solid? Been betting on interoperability with ICX but I might have to switch to AION I guess.

Sky gets fudded a lot but all the whale LARPers are bullish on it. Gonna pick some up just in case

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Still up and roaring with turbo autists.
There are girls to.

What is your opinion on Hashgraph?

Smart contract need more development but value of ETH come from fundraises not contracts.

Same reason as above. Many are skeptical about Skywire but other whales are starting ICO on Sky Ledger Q2-3.

>AMB very connected but cannot go public
So NDAs... but man I could really use a win next month or so

will it be a public event or closed doors?
can you tell me more please?
Give me hope kimchi please this market is killing me

Skycoin is so great, I heard the original Bitcoin devs started Skycoin to solve Bitcoin's problems. It's got nfinite scalability and zero fees too while decentralizing the internet, how can you not be all in? I know I am.

Kimchi do you suggest staying in btc for now or moving to alts?

delete this nigger

Yeah I know probably the #no1 project right now in crypto

jesus fucking christ
don't you faggots realize that
are all the same marketinginterns at amazix or some other shitty pajeet company?
they are all shilling the same shit since 3 months
if you had invested when the shilling began, you would be down 70-90% on all of them
"but m muh market"
no, other picks held their value better than this shilled shit
le gipsyinsiders

He didint shill anything special.
Swissbro actually did really good calls on wtc.

Maybe, you could be right. But kimchi leaked the coffee partnership for AMB like a few days early so he seems trustworthy

I think Assblaster and Kimchi are the only trustworthy tripfags right now that us plebs can rely on

If people only invested in something like AMB because Swissbro shilled it, they're morons. I'm not concerned about the AMB I picked up losing 10-20% more than other coins in this market, because when the next bull run starts they're going to explode in a way that most others won't.

Chinese whale/miner farm network use low-volume Binance coin to signal and allow friends to short. Do not share if you find or they will change.

Public. Whales talking about venue and in Zh/KR ICO whale Discord. Prolly SF or Shanghai

thank you based whale i will keep an eye

either you can't read or you have stockholm syndrom
just print out a poster of the swissfaggot and have a wank to it mate, you seem confused
of course he leaked it, that is what he gets paid for
did make a real good impression on the price huh?

feeling comfy you idiots?

if he was interested in making good calls he would have told you to exit all alts after december and cash out or at least stay in btc until summer
everyone with half a brain knows the altcycles
le fundmanager

he is some real "insiderinformation":
this shit won't moon suddenly, it will continue to bleed until summer at least
and when the bull begins (maybe earlier) btc will rise first and the shit will bleed just more meanwhile
why would anyone with half a brain buy alts until the next btc run is through? why? you stupid?

KimchiWhale likes his riddles, so create your own larp nick

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all you faggots read this post and let it sink in
its the best "information" you will get here
don't even need a trip for that shit
but maybe that is not enough "mystery" for you fucking idiots?

Big if they work as demonstration in NY showed. Funds have private placement since November.

>and when the bull begins (maybe earlier) btc will rise first and the shit will bleed just more meanwhile

Why do you feel the need for everyone to know how smart you think you are? Nobody intelligent gives two fucks what you think.

mrbearwolf you are so annoying, go to sleep and stop flooding all biz threads

oh wow, some real insiderinformation from you faggot
you forgot to fake your korean englishgabbledigok
they got 3 million in seedfunding, next placement starts end of month
should i get a trip for my endless wisdom?
will you worship me then too anons?
fucking idiots
also the secret "triggercoin" is well known by everybody with half a brain
what should i call myself?
manchesterbro? manchesterfag? manchesterwhale?

i know, i should get a gayass picture and some fucking trip and you idiots would beg me to rate your poorfolios
like i said, not enough mystery for the autists
i'm not the bearfaggot

why are you so disappointed when someone gives you some real information without a fucking picture and a trip? are you all retarded?

no you should be bitterbro, life is short man, move along and pick more meaningful battles

don't worry mate
that was the first and last time i spread something useful here

>Real information

>Just tells people that they shouldn't listen to LARPers on Veeky Forums

Do you think you're smart or something?

i told you idiot exactly what will happen in the next months
but go on and continue to swingtrade yourself into poorness with your shitcoins

>mfw kimchifaggot has revealed himself and hour after pharmafaggot
Now we just need swissfaggot to complete the trifecta.
HOURLY FUCKING REMINDER: NO Price action for AMBlets for this month AND the next.

Sir, why did your ID just change? Could it be that you're bearfag and don't know how to use a VPN and not out yourself?

>swingtrade yourself into poorness with your shitcoins

Sorry, I'm already up 100% this month - apparently I'm even smarter than you! Cheers

mmhh nice id change,
damn man you seriously have problems, i'm sorry for you not even joking

You know, your trip has changed every time you've posted. Originally I thought it might be a bunch of Mobius shills who didn't understand how tripcodes work, but now I think it's just much more likely that you're too stupid to remember them each time you post.


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idk why and idgaf
maybe it's my secret power only tripfags without trips have?
good for you, followed the larpers calls?
no? did'nt think so


Goodbye 4 now


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baka get a life..quit spergin up the thread you sad little man


yeah sorry for ruining your riddlenight
like i said, this is the first and last thread i will "sperg" some information

go on and dream about "making it" while your poorfolio will continue to go down another 50% until june
/biz is in a really sad state

ok bye

>if he was interested in making good calls he would have told you to exit all alts after december and cash out or at least stay in btc until summer
Well thanks for ruining one of the reasons why swiss was an obvious LARP, you wanker.
That's right. You TGfaggots came in december, got some gains, and were desperate during the crash and so you latched onto the first trip that promised to bring those gains back. No one who has been in this market for longer than an year would have told you to start buying alts during the crash. How many of you holding these massive AMB bags would have at least double that if you bought now or in 2 months? Guess that little fact slipped the hedge fund manager's mind. Ask him why.

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sorry man, but i don't like the tripfaggotry
but seems to be the only way to get some sense in this idiots here
keep up your work, even if i think you are a faggot
maybe some anons will finally grow a brain, or some balls, or even a beard

Stop talking to yourself, retard. It’s embarrassing.

i'm not the bearfaggot stupid autist, only you pathetic idiots like listening to or being a tripfaggot yourself
and to extend his point:
they won't get that because he already told him that "funds" like it to buy and then sleep for a while
you know, buy high and sleep through the bleeding while everyone in the market knows that you can buy 5x the amount of shitcoins after btc is in the next uptrend
they have all severe stockholm syndrom
that's the point of a cult
maybe the tripfagging works so good here because most of the anons have severe daddy issues? i don't know

biz: where autism is weaponized against itself. Talk to yourself in a padded room, schizo.

come on man, you want to make up a conspirancy because someone challenged your swissdaddycult?
you got played, deal with it
but i know you won't and go one and insult everyone who opens your eyes to your massive idiocy
it's how a cult or scam works, just google it
it is sad, really sad
you all lost a lot of money and you won't admit it to yourself that the reason was your blindness
totally normal, but sad nonetheless
everytime someone explained the OBVIOUS market cycles to you fuckheads, you only cry "bottomseller" or some shit like that
your are just idiots and your childlike brains are simply not made for this

God damn, my last post must have cut a bit too deep. They can't even process the info.
>M-muh samefag
>M-muh VPN
Funny, seems even the turboautist Albertfag has no clue what's going on and thinks I use a VPN. Yeah chump keep sucking LARP cock in TG, hoping to work for a hedge fund one day. and try to "triangulate" me LMAO

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>says he won’t sperg his advice here, first and last time
>still won’t shut the fuck up
Here’s your (You). You can leave literally whenever. Open invitation.

you tripfags are really a weird bunch
i explained it already
it's the same with all cult members or victims of scams, don't need a psych degree for that
when you lost so much money, the thought of being an idiot or that it was your own fault for listening to a false prophet is unbearable, so the brain won't process it
easier to get autismo and accuse me of being you
it's the psych energy directed at the outside instead at their own stupidity
all normal
just read some interviews with ex-cult members
one could write a phd thesis about that shit
maybe this is what the faggot does after all

i said n this thread
as long as the thread is open i will continue, then i will be silent
no sense in spreading further awareness
your stupid brain gets angry on me for doing that, i understand
i could tell you the partners of hashgraph, but since i have no trip or gayass picture, the information will be worthless it seems

>your stupid brain gets angry on me for doing that
We prefer English, pajeet.

since i'm on a nightshift and it is rather boring at the moment, i have nothing better to do than sipping my coffee and shitposting here, no invitation needed
and since i'm a good boy at heart and don't get aroused when other people loose money or fail at life, i feel the need to clarify some things
so i repeat:
don't buy any alts until btc is in a clear uptrend for a while, you will only loose money and maybe don't break even in the next altrun since there will be new hyped coins until then

but i know, no picture, no trip and therefore i must be an idiot who only wants to insult your intelligence
maybe even from reddit

should i hold link

oh boy, you could take the information and make something of it
but since it challenges your mistake of following a false prophet, you feel the need for getting angry at me
easier than to questions yourself or admitting your stupidity
all perfectly normal
i pity you, naturally, because i'm clearly a pajeet faggot

Can you mine Skycoin with a self-made skyminer yet

no trip, so no shitcoin advice from me

If you two somehow think you "know" what the market is going to do, you're even fucking dumber than I thought.

Any honest and reasonably smart individual who has been trading and watching crypto for the past few years would never criticize these LARPs for telling to buy AMB, and then turn around and give out the type of advice that you two NEETs are, because they would know that crypto has the potential to explode or implode based off of any number of large news events.

Why the fuck do you think whales stick to PnDs and buying out ICOs to make money? Because they know that the broader market is too fucking volatile, and unless you're the fucking Winklevoss twins, they have 0 fucking clue whether or not the SEC is going to give the go-ahead to institutional money tomorrow morning.

So let me spell it out for you two attention-seeking clowns, and anyone else who is reading this thread. Anyone who is telling you what the "right" strategy is in crypto right now has 0 fucking clue what they're talking about. This is not the stock market. DYOR, pick out some coins that you think have good use-cases and hold on to them, or play the lottery day trading. Don't listen to these morons.

that is some cognitive dissonance if i have seen one
you are going a really long way to justify your prophet
as i laid out, perfectly normal
textbook normal

>no one NO ONE would criticize the LARPS
you really are deep in the rabbit hole poor friend

>angry rambling about whales and further justification
listen idiot, the og's know about the cycles and repeat, i would tell you more
but we both know that i'm missing the trip and the gay picture, so no one will listen
>muh institutional money
>don't listen to these morons, i did nothing wrong by following my prophet, nothing wrong
>do the same, because i did the right thing

i would lol really hard if it was'nt so sad
literally textbook
poor boy

Should I hold ChainLink

since Interoperability is one of the biggest problems for blockchains, then Ark should be a good pick too, right?
Also Ark dev Mike is working with skycoin

Your reading comprehension is not very good huh? I literally just said that anyone who thinks they can call this market (including Swissbro) is an idiot. That makes you and Bearfag equal idiots for criticizing someone for trying to call the market, and then trying to call the market yourselves. Do I need to dumb it down more for you, or do you finally understand that point I'm making? It's not difficult.

that's not how it works
you are the trip, you have to tell me if i should buy link
should i?

Of course, Coca Cola are implementing Link obviously can't say much but I am an insider, just think of another piece of paper that can be solved/replaced using blockchain.
That's right "Smart Recipes". All these problems will be solved by using Link

i think you are lacking the comprehension here
i'm not a fucking old gipsy women, i can not tell the market exactly, no one can
but myself, the other og's and even your beloved swissfaggot got out of the shitcoinmarket in december, because everyone with half a brain knows about the cycles
it's not magic and not exact science
poor kid, i know, everyone is an idiot exept yourself

you don't need to clarify this further to me, i understand the condition you are in perfectly well

i really should get a trip and get back to you idiots in june, after you saw that it exactly played out like i told you, but i'm not faggy enough for it

can't fool me TGfag, I can smell your anxiety from here

>but i'm not faggy enough for it
but fag enough to patronize for hours in a Veeky Forums thread

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i would tell you how we know this to a certaint point, but you are all to deluded and to deep down in the hole to comprehend or believe

also no trip, so not worthy to enlighten you clever anons

nightshift, boring
sometime fag enough to feel the need to rescue other peoples money
lost cause, i know

pull my finger
trip fagging for no reason. kys.
carry on

let them burn, free will

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acknowledge my trips

i have 800 SKY and a batch 1 skyminer. is skycoin going to make me rich someday?

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further justifications from the tg autists in the channel

>we listened to him and lost all a big amount of money
>but we knew he was a larp all along
>we are so clever hahahaha
>people who don't like the prophet must be autistic

gn8 you poor children,
there was a reason i did'nt choose psych as a career even if its slightly interesting
just sad to witness

>W-we knew he was a LARP all along
Already called this shift in mindset two weeks ago. Like fucking clockwork. I can already tell Albertfag will be the last to admit to himself he got played, and it will be so sweet to savor it then.

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