I'm pumping link slowly over the next 4H

Myself and some others.

Sit back and observe, or have some fun with it you neets.

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I strongly doubt you will

I salute you!

Thanks bro, we need to get back to 6k sats and remain steady when salesforce is announced

We'll have small dumps few times/hour. Also observing BTC/USD price as well as how much volume picks up, that's all for now folks.

Thank you user have a meme

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Hope this isn't a LARP, looking forward to watching the show.

Chainlink is pointless because there's no verification, it's a simple majority vote.
Even a single SSL notary is way more reliable because it doesn't know what it's signing as it's encrypted, so there's much less room for manipulation.

On a technical side of things chainlink is a very heavy case of NIH syndrome (not invented here, making new things when existing solutions exist). The idea could be developed in fraction of a time by making a new ethereum blockchain with all oracle logic in smart contracts.

Holy shit, state pasta. Imagine my shock

Small walls are set from 4.7k onwards.

Closely watching BTC movement, slowing down the buy orders of LINK, only bought 350K so far/

will we be dumping by next monday?

Holding off buying link, walls are up in case retards want to sell. BTC could be testing 8K again so tethered a portion.

Continuing, Placed 100k walls and going to be buying over next 5 hours now after BTC delay

to what purpose?

I bought at 1.15 tho.

I dont understand why the price falls when people sell....there are people there to buy so why should it affect market value so much?

BTC testing 8K, took one of the major walls off to observe.

Lower bids. Less demand.

Back on. Also switched to different side of office so new ID.

I can get some free LINKS?



The mad man did it

Whats your target you madman. Its hitting 24hr high in Eth Soon.

I'm just here for free linkies

This should be my new ID now, was on my data card earlier. Will go back to my prior WIFI later.

Except LINK has pump patrol so you're not going anywhere

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I won’t be disclosing this. Just sit back and enjoy the ride. Feel free to do your own trading - but as I said, I’ll be doing sporadic dumps, as well as pausing when btc looks to go downwards.

This is my new ID now. Was on my Motorola Razr earlier.

if you study the guy's face in all his pics he has a nervous try to look happy but fails at it expression, why? because he knows he's scamming people and also feels the pressure on him, it's very hard to look happy when you are in the middle of a heist

>feel free to do your own trading
At like 2/3 my buy in. Gee thanks

why are you pumping, asshole?
i'm trying to accumulate

Back to my prior wifi to confirm this ID is me

Accumulate now bud. Why didn’t you buy the massive pre 5k dip?

btc is dumping bretty hard
moon mission cancelled?

I have an order in, but price went up. thanks alot

Please do. This shit is killing me I bought in at 0.80

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>redditor pasta

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New ID, on my Nintendo

Pausing. Took major buy wall off and dumped a bit. Will resume soon - watching btc.

op is actually legit. Nothing else is going up.

Just pushing it up for fun op or do you and friends really believe?

Can you wait until tomorrow when I get paid? Thanks

>if you study the guy's face in all his pics he has a nervous try to look happy but fails at it expression
He's not trying to look happy you autist. He's pissed off at the memer next to him devaluing his entire project

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this rich faggot is one of us

Op free meme for your efforts

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New ID, had to borrow my twink boyfriend's phone for a sec

Work at a boutique PE firm. We’ve been accumulating for sometime. This time letting you neets know about our current accumulation on this dip.

proof? otherwise just another larp of the day

Any opinion on RCN?

what are you guys buying up to?

Baby's first larp

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Whoa, it's actually pumping. Either it's biz kids believing the larp and buy enough to move it, or it's real. Either way, I'm buying 100k.

Uno mas

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And back down we go! WEEEEEEEE!

>it's actually pumping
It's the same price it was 12 hours ago.
And now it's on the way down again.
This is some idiot who saw the xtcc thread and thought it looked easy.

OP did you lose money?
buy walls vanished....even if you dump you're bringing this bitch back to the fucking ground

>thinks I care about a neets opinion

Goal is accumulation. Dumped here and there when other players were helping the pump.

Watching btc again as it went sub 8k. When I put a wall up, that’s when we’ll be making buys.

He's trying to keep it together, but can't quite hide his contempt for the memeing autist, and is overwhelmed with a quiet despair in knowing that all his work might be ruined by that memeing autist and all the other memeing autists.

I wouldn't normally go to all this effort, but just
because OP is being an unusually massive fag here is proof of larp.
Note the way absolutely nothing fucking happens

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> Price (USD)

Link climbed in SATs for literally 3 1/2 of the last 4 hours

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Oh you mean the exact same fucking thing it did this morning?

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dude said it would climb for the next four hours, it climbed for the next hours


sitting on 0.49 usd acb linkies, if this investment doesn't work out i will make a post every day at 6 pm est reminding Veeky Forums is never right.

i already have a massive screencap images incoming

Wow magic. How much profit did you make?

None because I dont swing trade my linkies. But you were wrong

Alright guys, we bought up just over 830K Links and finished for now.

Will be doing another similar accumulation in the next week and will make a thread then.

Yeah none. Exactly what I thought.
Zero profit on a "pump" that was indistinguishable from hourly price variation.

i will eagerly await your return.


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wait what. you guys done already?

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