Time is running thin

A day shall come this year where a $1650 will purchase you a fraction of a Litecoin, let alone $165.

Be ready for the day is soon.

>you will post your wojaks saying no one told me

>you will post your threads screaming "why is this coin going up?"

>See The Lite

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Charlie lee can't even stop talking about this coin. In a world with Nano and a soon to be functioning Lightning Network, I don't see LTC being able to stand out.

Talking shit*

>You must see what cannot be seen by the untrained eyes

>You must hear what cannot be heard by the untrained ear

Only then will you see what I have seen

Hindsight is 2020. Just remember our conversation when you see a $4000+ Litecoin some time this year

100% price in and also one of the worst shitcoins out there. Even Doge has more use cases.

>Let he who read the roadmap cast the first stone.

Remember when it was a "shitcoin" in November when you could buy 10 for 500$.
Let's just say history is about to repeat itself user.

>Just remember I told you in advance

Litecoin is the real bitcoin cash.

What time frames do you suggest?

We've heard all this shit for months. This going nowhere and crypto is pretty much dead.

Your satoshi is shilling nano

The Twighlight of March will be the beginning.

The beginning that won't end for a long time my child.

>screen cap this, so you can make fun of me IF you don't 20x, you won't get the chance.

> But, you can post the screen cap and say I guided you the righteousness, I guided you to the Lite.

this board seriously loves to shit on litecoin. once litepay gets notoriety its going to have a bubble of its own. $4000 is high balling it but we are definitely going to see litecoin overtake bitcoincash

If you actually believe this I feel sad for you. When bitcoin pumps again LTC will follow, but not beyond 1.6k lmao

Saint Charlie Lee, has seen what you have not.

There is a reason why he dumped he's holdings, if you ponder for long enough you can see the truth

He's plans are flawless, and when a problem arises it is eradicated efficiently.

I pity you user for you have been misguided.

your "dead" cryptos will end the year with a market cap of a lively $5Trillion+

>you and fellow nocoiners will realise that you were the meme all along.

>What will you tell your child when he asks you why you did not make it?

You will say you did not see The Lite.

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regardless of what you say I have felt a deep weird calling towards Litecoin for like 2 weeks straight

When I dont trust this feeling is when I miss out.. I may go 30% LTC see how it plays

You think Lightning network will be fast? Just wait for Lite Ning Network. Half a second transaction time.

>high balling

You are not ready user, brace yourself for a journey of a lifetime as long as you have Seen The Lite

The coin will end above 4000$ a coin by the end of 2018 user. Hold or forever hold your wojaks.

You will repent for your sins. But it will be too late

The Lite chooses you my son. Spread the gospel, so when they choose to reject your calling, they will realise how wrong they were.

One could say almost perfect timing.

>See The Lite

And what of Bitcoin?

>your "dead" cryptos will end the year with a market cap of a lively $5Trillion+

Right, good luck with that. It's currently sitting on 330 billion. And the normie money won't be coming back for years, if ever.

Sitting on a few of these chikun eggs, patiently waiting for them to hatch.

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These levels you are seeing today will be like the 400$ Bitcoin of yesterday my child. You will never see them again.

>88,188 BTC confirmed sometime late fall. Screen cap

When the glass full of water breaks, there is no containing the liquid inside.

>when the flood begins the market cap will fly like a bat out of hell

>You will repent for your sins, but it will be too late, the gains will have been made.

and your child will ask "oh father why did you not make it, In the crypto boom for 2017/18/19?"
Prepare your response as you do not See The Lite.

The night is darkest before the dawn.

I assure you the dawn is coming.

Just don't sell off too early my son

>The Lite will guide you to the promised land

Its going to take its rightful spot above Bitcoin Cash isnt it

Love LTC and truly believe in it, but please don't do this Coca Cola Kid shit. Thanks.

Lmao Litecoin, the original shitcoin. Never again.

There is no need to compare a sword to a wooden stick. The mere comparison of the wooden stick alone devalues the power of the sword.

No spoilers but the future will be filled with Lite.

I am not a shill master

I'm just merely warning my fellow anons, as many as I can. So they do not resort to pink wojaks when the bell rings and the hour comes.

Those who have guidance will See The Lite.

any hints on who the fuck are you?

I agree
Let this be the one thread and we shall see how it plays out. I have already capped in case.

Trading/investing with emotions is the first route to rekt my son.

Just don't be upset when you see this holy grail run within the next 90 days

>screen cap

I am the one who decoded the meaning behind Saint lee dumping he's holdings and the incredible reasoning behind it,

the one who has seen the true value of the Lite and why it will surprise everyone this year.

The Lite chose me. So I'm here to warn anons so they may heed my calls and by doing so Change their lives

>Promised land by year end. See The Lite

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You will post the cap in the end of May with progress (we will be way into the thousands by which), you will then post it again in December. You will tell the people you were guided to the Lite.

You will succeed

>When Litecoin hits 7000$ my work will be done, for both me & my fellow anons who saw