LMAO another reddit loser who realized he had to pay taxes on all of his transactions a little late xD

LMAO another reddit loser who realized he had to pay taxes on all of his transactions a little late xD

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Shuttup faggot and stop posting this every ten minutes. The truth is that 99% of the people on /biz who had crypto before the new year are in the exact same situation. Nobody sold at the top adn everybody had major gains EOY and are down 80% or in the red at the moment so stop acting like you're so different.

The only people who are trully fucked are the ones who traded on Gdax or held their coins on Coinbase. everyone else, esp those on exchanges that don't require verification, are fine becuase....it's anonymous

claim losses. Now fuck off.

well its my first time posting this and I didnt put a cent in crypto shitcoins. I prefer regular stocks and im happily sitting on 1.4 million in my fidelity trading account. lol loser

That's why I didn't trade during November and December.


this might be true until you turn it into fiat

Hahahahaha, ok.

The biz way, buy ATH, sell low.

Exactly, it's when you convert it to fiat where you gotta be careful/smart. It's not that hard to use local bitcoins to offload smaller amounts of crypto though.

But as of right now, if anybody hasn't done that and their crypto is sitting on binance or in a wallet and you're currently in the red, then i wouldn't really worry about it. Who knows how tax laws will change this year..

That law is for 2018. You can file like kind for 2017 still

Huh? I bought low before those highs. You're really dumb to not understand my post.


>claim losses on 2018 sales on your 2017 return

literal state of Veeky Forums

Lol those cucks are paying taxes lmao

pay the irs in alts

If you could file like kind in 2017 in the US no one would even be talking about this shit right now?
like kind would make it not a taxable event and make the point of all this whining moot
correct me if I'm wrong.

Sure larping faggot, lemme guess you day traded from $500 since December.

yup its so hard for you crypto fags to believe. I can send a time stamped photo of the balance if you want. Lmao loser

No literally look at when the correction takes place, it's for filing in 2018, they didn't change the law in the last month of 2017 to affect 2017.

You guys are fucking retarded and can't use google



Yep, and honestly this was a big fuck you by Trump that he let this shit through. Nobody in their right mind could think trading shitcoins isn't like kind.

Not you though you are fine you asked politely so I included a link to an article to show your tax person the logic

Kek, do it faggot. Show your trade history too - I want to see the magical trades you made that took you all the way there in 3 months.


3 months? I've been holding onto apple since it was $130 and I have 100k worth of just apple as of now