Give it to me straight, is now the time to buy?

Give it to me straight, is now the time to buy?

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Yes fucking yes. its a gift in diguise that this video didnt come out untill today. Now we can buy LINK on sale before it moons.

never fall for stinky linky shills

yes user we're all gonna make it

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shitcoins gonna shit


Don't just look at those legit concerns.

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Anything under $10 is a bargain
Anything under $5 is a steal
Anything under $1 is life-changing

No, wait until its at least $.60, if not $.70

Any time you have money is time to buy more link.

Its $.42 now..

Not being able to detect sarcasm is a sign of autism

I’ve got 6,200
Will I make it brahs ?

Your dubs already confirm emphatically "yes!"

Cash it out now, take the 3k to Guatemala and make it bro.

alright man. chainLINK is the biggest project with the most potential ive eveer seen. yeah it might fail. but if it most likely will regret buying right now for the rest of your life.

i know people that cant detect my sarcasm what does that make them?


>Give it to me straight, is now the time to buy?
If you believe in the project, this wouldn't be a bad time to get in. if it crashes harder, it would hurt less than if you hadn't bought and it went up significantly.
The only difference between now and before is that the potential to loose a lot faster and greater. But the percentage of return is several fold greater if it pans out over time as well. With no news on the horizon, you don't have to fomo in now, but keep in mind a lot of people sold their stacks recently and may jump back in if it starts climbing quickly again, so you will be competing with them.

Double dubs say put your life savings into it.