Is Sergey a virgin?

Look how far apart Sergey and that girl sit from each other and how close he sits to Moyle. He's leaning away from her. Is he afraid of attractive woman?

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who is Ms. Boring?

Holy fuck he's a virgin
Just dumped 100k

>female speakers name is literally boring

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Nigga he literally rents out his room/dick to young russian thots

They're probably overcompensating to hide the fact they fucked in Sergey's hotel room the day before

They're trying to hide the fact that she's jerking him off under the desk

Sergey is only interested in whales, not sticks. He picks up all the beefy roasties he can find at McDonalds.

you obviously never had to act professional while sharing a stage with a person you just slept with.

with what, alien orangutang arms?

He looks sad. I would suck his dick under the table and make daddy Sergey feel all better.

Thanks. Just bought 100k

Also sage

probably some sort of dicklink

i don't think he has any problem with women
but i do think he should change his shirt once in a while. jesus christ it probably smells as bad as rory's wife after a date with tyrone

virgin and gay


She also called him "SerJAY". JAY. lmao. Everybody knows it's pronounced gay but she still said it wrong, looks like she was self conscious and didn't wanna allude to the fact that he is a virgin by unintentionally colluding his name with being gay. It's known that girls can smells virginity so that's what I think happened.

I hope he is. He's waiting to find a good girl to start a family with once his career is set. I love this man and I would gladly let him fuck me in the ass if he needs to let off some steam even though I'm 100% straight.

Sergey is just a beta nice guy. He probably has had sex before but he's probably on that autism level where he is incapable to talk about things like sex and fucking like normies do. It also doesn't help that he is Slavic.

He acts very uncomfortable. He seats stiff and barely moves. Why does he drink the water so early on? he barely said anything, it's not even 10 minutes into the session. Why is he so nervous ? Obviously he isn't nervous talking about smart contracts as he did so many times before.
Can't believe I didn't notice it before. He is a virgin.

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She wanted him to correct her. Women love testing their man. If he steps up and puts her in her place, she respects him. If he slinks away, she knows he's weak and will not protect her well.

watching it now
he talks more than anyone else and has finally mentioned chainlink by name 3x so far
he'll get pussy after he revolutionizes smart contracts and solves the oracle problem.
pussy can wait.

>Not taking into account money belly's 2.5 ft thundercock

I think you're right. But that's a good thing for LINK.

Good. He's not married so if he was not a virgin he would just be a degenerate whoremonger.

How old is Sergey?

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I hope so

from the space-time reference point of the base human currently accepted by our society?

>"serJAY and his linkchains over here haha xD"
>"i-its s-sergey haha lol"
>"whats that serge i couldn't hear you"
>"n-nothing nvm"

nice job scaring away investors you autists. you guys singlehandedly tanked a shitcoin I am impressed

The really fucked up part is that they didn't even mean to; they're just that unable to control themselves emotionally that they let their chaotic Veeky Forums meme den cross over that line into real real life, where there are honest-to-goodness consequences.

Way to adult, retards.

like when /tv/ found a tom hardy ama.
the 4yous made him cringe.

He's on record for saying that he trancends time and as such, he has no age. he only "is".

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This desu

From his LinkedIn:

-- My Perspective on Daily Life --
>We must stand upright ourselves, not be setup. ~ Marcus Aurelius

>Genius is one percent inspiration and ninety nine percent perspiration. ~ Thomas Edison

>If one does not know to what port one is sailing, no wind is favorable. ~ Seneca

>Every new beginning comes from some other beginnings end. ~Seneca

>This time, like all times, is a very good one, if we but know what to do with it. ~ Ralph Waldo Emerson

Based Sergey the Stoic