What's your go to response when people ask "what do you do?"*

What's your go to response when people ask "what do you do?"*

*Wagies need not reply.

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'professional breath taker'

i got a newspaper delivery job after the crash

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If I'm looking for a short term fling i'll make up some bollocks like I'm working in fitness or something.

If it's for a long term thing I'm honest and say I don't need to work at the moment and I'm pretty well off because of good investments (got into ethereum early 2016) but I'll probably get a job in the future.

professional brap poster
'oh whats that'

Securities analyst. :^)

As little as possible.

I log

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I'm a writer. No, I'm not going to tell you my pen name.


Fresh air inspector

Just tell them you're a worthless NEET. Because you damn sure aren't making enough to make a living without a job in this market.

I usually say I do web dev or am self-employed. People usually just think that means Im broke. I have a couple houses and do well but even if I mention that people still just assume Im lying.
tfw you dont look the part

Did you buy tenanted houses, buy empty homes or what? Interested for future

Don't give up user.

Condos that Im currently renting out. If I did it all differently Id probably do the multi-unit meme and live in it for lowered property tax. All the money sunk into everything would have been better put into crypto but oh well.

It's not what, but who, and it's your mother.

"I drive"
"It's only part time"

I wage for myself. How's your crypto thing doing?

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>"so user, what do you do, tee hee"
i drive.
>"oooh, how cool, you mean, like for movies?"
...f-for lyft...sometimes uber.

s-stay poor

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what's your net?

45% margins avg. Not to brag, but i'm doing okay. willing to give advice to anyone interested in selling on amazon

nice job. nah, i'm doing alright in my own gig, it's just nice to see someone here not complaining about the job market and instead doing their own thing.

I plant trees for 46/hr its actually pretty relaxing.

what's this called? Thats something I could stomach

systems admin, web engineer/developer, online retailer. Also investor and web project manager.

I work one a month


>Blockchain Assets Manager
It's not hard

>larping on an anonymous image board
Whats it like living with your parents at age 30?

i live with my parents

hey we're you going? don't walk away from me


Sounds nice

Not that user but I'm 32 and still live above my dads garage. I have 980,000 saved up now. I'm in the process of moving out this month, but I can't say I regret saving all that money. It for sure does stunt your social life though.