Why are women so powerful nowawdays?

>After Rihanna instructed her 60,000,000 Instagram followers to delete Snapchat, the company's shares plunged- causing the it to lose about $600,000,000.00 in market cap in a matter of hours.

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Because the world is completely and utterly fucked.

mentally ill society

Imagine listening to a negress.


whats their problems with snapchat?

Didnt some other bitch do the same thing a few weeks ago?

Insiders paid her so they could short the market, I'm pretty sure she is too dumb to understand what a share is.

She didn't cause the panic, those who paid her did.

And people call crypto Tulips Lmao

No actual male gives a fuck about “snapchat”

isn't this the second time snapchat or some other SNS got fucked because a celebrity talked shit about them?

seems like an easy way to make money by shorting

I don't think anyone paid her, she just got offended because of pic related

that was the last black man she dated and he beat her halfway to death

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They let an advertiser run an ad for a game called "Would You Rather?" and the sample question used in the ad was something along the lines of "Would you rather punch Rihanna or smack Chris Brown?"

Nothing to do with women, same thing would have happened if Justin Bieber had said it. Normies are sheep and will do whatever a celebrity tells them to.

The smart people used this to their advantage.

Bitch deserved it

exactly. celebrities are just mouthpieces for corporations. that's why its called "selling your soul." they're not emotionally invested in anything they do, they just get told what to do by the people behind the scenes and get paid for it

Think we can get her to say something about smart contracts?

>ad on your platform explicitly offends someone with a lot of social influence with your target demographic
>they instruct target demographic to stop using your platform
>your revenue and share value tanks

Guess snapchat should have implemented some content control on its advertisers huh?


Nah, this is insider trading 101.

I honestly think this is too conspiratorial. I'm sure stuff like this happens but I think she just saw or heard about the ad and shot from the hip.

They should, I'm sick of niggers promoting Culture Kings

it was an AD i don't think it was insider trading unless the people who paid for ad knew they'd get this reaction

shut the fuck up virgins

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fuck you she's hot

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I'll DM her to tweet about ZSnarks


you've worked hard, worked smart, made the right moves, and gotten your foot in the door at a bulge-bracket firm. in fact, you skipped the shitty analyst jobs and are assigned to a hip tech stock's analyst desk! it's snapchat! cool!

...oh wait, a kardashian crashed the price with a tweet... and now a singer sunk the value some more with social media drama...

and now, while your competitors are presenting solid data of earnings and expenses, you have to present a fucking People magazine to the board to explain your analysis outlook for publication.


dm her about ada

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Yeah. Fuck this nigger bitch. If she had listened the first time chris wouldnt have had to tell her twice

to be fair snapchat went to shit when they started forcing ads and made you watch peoples stories who you don't even have added

This is a good trading model. A few hundred bucks on an offensive banner ad, and short the stock of the company where the ad was placed. Lmao.

nice, how much money do you have? out of curiosity

hahaha you're gay

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Celebrities are not in charge of their instagram accounts, they are way too stupid. Rihanna probably got paid 100k for a single post, her marketing team gets a 10k bonus, and shorters make a killing because the controversy is perfect given the current cultural context.

It's not that difficult.

Why are most people in the world so stupid?

>The answers converge.

>he thinks that being "hot" should exempt a thot from being reminded what her place is

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Yes shill ZEN for us

Did you know that most niggers have herpes? Like literally almost all of them.

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"_________ is responsible for the content of this ad and it does not necessary reflect the views of Snap." Problem avoided...

But did she short it?

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im guessing you're a europoor who's never seen a black person irl

Not a bad idea. Might do a month in jail

First amendment son.

did you know that the majority of the world has herpes?

The absolute state of amerimutts

When did Rhianna delete? Just realised my gf deleted hers a lil bit ago, could be because of this

what would make it illegal? People follow her because they are brainlets
and they listen to her because they are brainlets
unless you want to legislate against popularity
or want to place corporations rights over flesh and blood human beings rights to free speech
how could this be illegal?

Can't you read? It's clearly says "Today" in the screencap.

if it can be destroyed by the words of some dumb braphog, we should celebrate its destruction. case in point: snapchat

>worshiping a 6/10 without makeup


Honestly not even a 6. She looks fucking nasty


Almost makes me want to download snapchat.

I unironically wouldn't. She has a masculine face and that script tattoo disappoints my penis.

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you're right, I was being generous

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I live in the midwest and the only black I've met in my life was a mixed chat who played football

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men have gotten weaker due to constant exposure to estrogen mimicking compounds and also the fact that every health related technical advancement that promises to "cure" in reality poisons the gene pool. women haven't gotten stronger but men have gotten weaker. Pretty much everyone ITT, myself included, is probably too weak to survive w/o our gay society and is a slave to it's technologies to keep us alive. it's sad really that we can't drink from natural streams w/o getting sick, we can't live outside w/o clothes and shoes to protect us, many of us can't even barely function without drugs or physical objects like prescription glasses and contacts. Nature's way seems more cruel by letting only the strong survive and eliminating the weak quickly but our way is crueler by prolonging the suffering of the weak and enslaving the weak to the technology of his civilization.

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>Shes hot cause shes black and her nigger skin soaks up heat from the sun. No different than getting hot in a black shirt on a summer day

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You have to be over 18 to post here.
Please get the fuck back to your fortnite game, kid.

If Rihanna instructed her followers to stop buying petrol would exxon mobile dip?
The lesson here is that IRL mcaps are as fucking stupid as crypto ones.
Snapchat shares are as speculative as any shitcoin

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lol what a sad little boy

>$600,000,000.00 in market cap
>market cap

its not all niggers man
lots and lots of white girls
its pervasive
its essentially chicken pox for your cock

>coins aren't real! stick to ((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((stooooooooooooooooooooooooooockkkkkkkkkkksssssssssss))))))))))))))))))))))))

Also, (just a PSA) eating pussy gives you throat cancer.

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>drinking from "natural" streams
>Living outside with no clothes or shoes
>Letting your baby die because he needs contacts/braces
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Didn't that stupid nog get battered then get back with him?

based snapchat? do we have the results of the poll?


My bad, im a retard and didnt finish the thread

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Yep, low self esteem is a bitch.

I would disagree. Men can create worth outside of being "good looking." Women have less of a track record of doing so.

man, thats a worry

>google anything+cancer
>anything gives you cancer
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The grand total of human that have performed cunnilingus through a dental dam has to be less than 100, right?

Eh, male celebrities tend to be just as moronic and pretty as female celebrities, and there are less women businessmen, politicians, etc. because until about 1975 they weren't allowed in the boyz club

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"Indeed, in recent years scientists have documented a steep rise in throat cancers caused by a strain of HPV that can be transmitted through oral sex. The virus, human papillomavirus Type 16, also causes many cases of cervical cancer in women.

In the 1980s, only a small number of throat cancers were linked to HPV infection. Historically, patients who developed the disease were in their 70s and were heavy smokers and drinkers.

Now, about 70 percent of all throat cancers are caused by HPV, up from roughly 15 percent three decades ago. Patients are now more frequently middle-aged husbands and fathers who are economically well off, nonsmokers and not particularly heavy drinkers. Men are three times more likely to be diagnosed than women with HPV-related throat cancer."

The rise is due to a combination of the pill/IUDs (more unprotected sex) and changing sexual norms (close the orgasm gap, etc).

>men and women are equal
>men were able to successfully oppress women for millennia

Pick only one.

underrated post.

More blood for Moloch and Kek.