Sergey is still optimistic! $1000 EOY. Also AMA about meeting The Holy Oracle.

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Post proof you are the faggot in the pic

This is a very seen before pic

Just bought 40k LINK. How did I do guys?

A gift for you, OP.

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Never* seen before

What the fuck is this gay shit!? $1k EOY fucking dickheads.

Someone should shop his happy face in

he's way past rogaine and approaching toupee territory

He had an aura about him, a light that radiated from his core, like the energy of life itself, Sergey is the Gaia.

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You'll probably make about $10 EOY. Congratulations.

and you thin that fat cunt who can't even dress like an adult for a conference after he scammed you autists out of 32mio will make your meme into a successful company?

He smelled of raw testosterone and cederwood, like chad’s dirty jock strap after killing a bear with his bare hands.

His handshake was firm, he gripped with the strength of 1000 white tigers.

Do you have problems with personal relationships due to your narcissistic personality? Do you find it hard to accept blame for things and to consider other people?

No I have a very active social life and a wide circle of friends but I definitely sperg the f out once in a while and yesterday was one of those moments. Also I was really really stoned all day smoking some super dank I got from my buddy Lamar.

Would you be kind enough to never pull a Veeky Forums publicity stunt on real people ever again?

$10 profit fuck yeah. Might be able to afford a new tamagotchi

Hey guys, don't blame OP. It's all Lamar's (black guy???) fault.

No. Yesterday was highly amusing. I’m considering following Sergey around the country.

>le epic troll

fuck you OP you made sergey hate us

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Here’s some exclusive information: he told me in so many words that he thinks we’re a bunch of racist bigots. And yet he wore his meme shirt to the conference... he knows we made him rich


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checks out. wasn't he seen at some lefty protest?
fuck i hate these threads, i feel like i know way too much about this guy
why can't you autists just leave this rich man alone?

What about oracle?

More proof your the fag with legend Sergey...

And fuck it im buying link now just for the memes im In. I dont give a shit what the product does

he already hated Veeky Forums before this guy
also this guy did nothing wrong


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fuck the west nigga

>usurpation of the west
>implying it hasnt already been usurped decades or centuries ago
>implying it can be saved or is anything that you would want to save even if you could

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t. nonwhites and/or soyboys

>trying to cover the face
Too late faggot.

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t. delusional alt right retard that got into politics during the election and unironically thinks things can actually be changed politically

Fucking kill yourself jesus christ

Didn't the West spend the last couple of centuries usurping everywhere else?


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Oh just just realised the girl in the background is Perianne Boring

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Dude we are so close to doing this faggot, Op are you worried or what, but the way if you have a wife and kids, not anymore buddy

I meant we are so close to doxing this faggot

no one gives a fuck about some faggot that lurks biz
You guys are wasting your time finding out his identity

you're a faggot
This guy hasn't done anything worth of being doxxed.
Even if you did get his info no one would do anything.
>Hey GUYS I got that guy that bought link info!!

You do think we couldn't do anything, and yes he did, the cunt did not need to hold that fucking time stamp, what a faggot, a simple pic with Sergey was enough, sergey should have told him to fuck off, he didn't have to take pic with any subhumans

Alright OP share your info with us.

You linkies are fucking delusional. Jonny Huxtable just got BTFO'd

hahhaah pizzas

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Moooooommmmmmmm!!!!!!! Look at meee!!!!! I'm so dangerous on the internet!!!!! They call me mega hacker 5000

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We got him Veeky Forums. We fucking got him.

Can someone just run him through face app so even if it's fake news we see him smile.

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shes hot as fuck

Says increasingly nervous autist for the eleventh time today

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Nice, will buy 100k.

There is nothing wrong using a trust based relationship. Do you think LINK is the only network that does that? And it doesn't require the power to light up a small city.

the only queers that want to dox this cunt are fags that dont like Veeky Forums crossing over into real life

cry more about it would ya

oh shit nigga got you good

>fags that dont like Veeky Forums crossing over into real life
So the only people defending him are the spergs like in pic related. Gotcha.

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Watching Sergey talk about biz in interviews 5 years from now is going to be so fucking kino.

Tops of keks

what the fuck is piz you stupid stupid faggot

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You’re not going to find anything interesting I promise you I’m too autistic for normal social media, I haven’t had Facebook or Instagram for years, every twitter account I’ve ever made has been suspended.

Kek, not a hacker but it's really not hard to make someone's life horrible using the internet

So you say, as I said hope you don't have a family op

Oh no OP. Be careful. A small subsection of Veeky Forums are coming for you. Better watch out. Hope they don't prank call you too much

That fucking nose.
>Oy Vey

Guys what is Ian Balina doing there

Holy shit you're such a faggot.

>Forgets about pizza slut and the other many poor cunts you have been fucked by Veeky Forums

The absolute state of newfags, go on if it's not a worry post your face with a time stamp and name newfag........ Yeah didn't think so

I'm done lads. Hours of my life wasted.

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>who have been

Crop high quality of just his face please and post

This is before I compressed it down and added it to the original.

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How did you do that? Holy fuck you are a genius

By the way op going to remind you, you did not need they fucking biz time stamp when taking that pic wiuh Sergey, only reason we are hating on you faggot, next time just tell biz you will just do some kind of hand signal to prove it's real in the pic if you need to empress these bunch of degenerates. Such a faggot you are op, can not stress it enough

Let's me how we do aye

So OP, what did you end up asking him?

Gtfo newfag

Just print it and rub an eraser before the ink has time to set.

Don't you see he is already putting up defences for the time he will confronted with the the fact that a large portion of his token holders are "Veeky Forums racists". Very smart man, 5d chess all the way.