XTCC help me guys

Was this a scam? this whale was saying that he's pumping this coin 100x, its on a stellar exchange. he put up a big sell wall at a high price and i bought into it.

It looks like he just dumped everything so im currently down -80%, someone please tell me hes pumping it still.

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my wife she dont believe me no no no mmmm

you got memed on, this kind of things happen all the time. btw, buy some AMB i'm about to pump it to 1 billion market cap

fuuuck man im freaking out, i out a lot into it.

He puts up walls to make others drop their price to keep it going, it works, but he is going to have to buy the current walls to keep the faith going.

i cashed all out just above water

I've lost almost everything to this faggot whale. cant even sell cause the sell walls are massive, fuck this

>people bought this shit
what the fuck

How much did you put in?

I actually didn't buy the pump, but read the first thread and if I just bought and held I would of been up so much. He buys in intervals though, says he has a bot to buy it up, but it seems to happen all at once. I don't know if he'll pump it to 1$, but I won't be surprised if he gets close.

you wouldn't be able to sell if you bought in man.. theres no buy orders at a good price, im fucked.
7.4k fucking dollars. now worth about 900 dollars. I have 0.03 btc to my name. wanna kill myself because i took such a fucktarded gamble

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Thanks for making me feel better about my $350 usd invested OP lmao

Whether or not the whale is scamming is irrelevant because this coin has huge potential anyway. shit isn't even on coinmarketcap yet, or any major exchange, and the XTCC twitter indicates that they're currently trying for a binance listing. whether or not that will actually happen soon (or at all) remains to be seen, but you would be buying this coin near the absolute fucking floor if you bought now at $0.007.
All coins look like scams when they're not even two weeks old.
However, throwing in a bunch of money you'd be scared to lose while it's high is a brainlet move desu.

t. XTCC holder since before the whale threads




How much xtcc is it?

Don't sell OP. The price will still go back up. You're just a bag holder now.

Sucks to suuuuuuuuuuuuuuck

toppest of keks

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I hope so user, but my mind is sore looking at this graph. I gambled because i hate this bear market and now i lost everything. fuck

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8 mill holderhere aka guy who lost it all andgot it back. They have so many things in the pipeline this is just the start. I look at you people the same way I looked at the people debating if they should buy or sell btc when it was 500$ It's not even on CMC yet thats how early it is

Unironically wait until sunday.
At this point, you have nothing to lose.

That's a true brainlet reason to gamble almost 10 fucking grand.

the whale did your retarded ass a favor by tying up your funds before you go and do something even dumber with them. Just sit back and enjoy the ride

Have this lambo

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fingers crossed till this shitcoin hits CMC and any other exchange besides stellarport and stellarterm
it's only one week old, you could get back your initial investment but it will take time

Also shoutout to the user that was shilling XTCC here a few weeks ago. Feels good to have been in since 0.005

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You guys see these shake outs

0.01 here, 80k

Hey shill me whatever you got, I put 100 BIG ONES (100 euro) into this as soon as he announced the thread.

Also, if you're going to shill this you'll need some damn good stories as to why it looks like the shittiest shitcoin that ever shitted.
The billion coin looks more reliable.
I would be more comfortable putting money into the billion coin than this.

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where we can look at their pipeline? there's just zero info around

100k at 0.005 (500 lumens), then sold 13k for 750 lumens at around 0.05 just in case this whole thing is a scam. Pretty comfy here

Here you go buddy
Pay special attention to their team

give it till saturday, if you can't get your limit sell filled OP is indeed a scammer

What about it

I saw this website, it is a joke
I mean if they have any plans beside pnd for few days there should be place they are advertising them

It's all fake names and photos?
Listen I'm loving these threads, easily the best since assblaster. But dyor

Are you delusional?

Where is the monero team.

Verge team.

Sumokoin team.

They dont have any of that. Why?


In an earlier thread Wiley claimed that microsoft was heavily involved.
Do monero do that too?

I just found this on Sumokoin's website.

Look...familiar? ;^)

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Their webpage has fake images for the team. It's an obvious scam that even crap exchange wouldn't fall for.

There is a rumor that XTCC is a test for the stellar net work to see how much is in demand for privacy.

Reason microsoft is involved is for privacy purposes. This shit runs deep.

They are supposed to have a whole new website and logo rebranding done.

I think this shit is antshares 2.0

I think google wants to make a "grassroots" project but have their protocol in their back pocket to allow NSA backdoor spying for the XTCC platform.

hahahah just pump my fucking coins pls
I want to go drinking this weekend

fuckkk im so fucked man, this whale better fill my sell order.

Ill send you some xlm whats ur xlm address



there is hope for another day...


>wants to waste money this weekend

I'd like to point out that even though the MAX supply of XTCC is 1,000,000,000, there are currently only 200,000 coins in circulation (slightly more after that small airdrop).

Which means this coin has a $4,000 marketcap atm.

Literally ANY whale could come into this game at any moment and pump this thing to $1 in HOURS if they wanted to. Does that mean XTCC is a giant scam? I have no idea.

20 million coins are out

Send me 1000 xtcc and I'll send you 5000 back

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