The next one won't be free

The next one won't be free.

We will see a gain of anywhere from 40-80% in the coming week. Begin accumulating.

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shut your damn mouth nigger

conference isn't manipulating price. It is simply the fact that BCH does on chain, reliable, less then a cent, INSTANT transactions. oh and the fact that lightning is shit balls and it dropped today so there will be no excuses for how shitty it is.

>top volume comes from a washtrading exchange and two scam exchanges
It's fucking dead. Just let go.

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The oddest people jumping on board too are a pleasant suprise

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>The next one won't be free.
Fuck off

If they care about Satoshi's vision so much why don't they implement the original mascot.

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I don't understand why they don't embrace Bcash its like having a son and then hating it.

Because their kike overlords told them to sell when Bitcoin Cash was $300 and to admit they fucked up is too much, so they misname Bitcoin Cash ludicrously hoping it will simply disappear

how is it dead? BCH is currently faster cheaper and more reliable then BTC

>tfw adoption of the mascot would have left us in the best timeline, but ridicule and greed has left us in a dystopia

they misname BCH because they don't want Bitcoin associated to it even though Bitcoin went through a hardfork to solve scaling issues and BTC failed terribly while BCH gets stronger with improvements and mass adoption.

that's irrelevant when nobody cares about it. it's dead.

So is Bitbean, you mong.

What the fuck are you talking about? Bitcoin Cash? It's fucking the top 3 or 4 crypto and adoption is increasing daily. For example Joystream just announced they're switching to Bitcoin Cash.

Bit-coin mascot? WTF is this nonsense? Yikes, just dumped the rest of my BTC for XMR and BCH

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Why would anyone want bcash? It's slow and expensive compared to nano, it's run by mentally unstable people who come across as scammers/assholes and its campaign to hijack the Bitcoin brand is nothing short of scammy as well. There's no benefit to it over one of the dozens of super fast and cheap coins and no value in it because it presents as a scam. It's a dead project mate. I wouldn't fuck it with someone else's cock.

4 words for why not get in bitcoin cash
Roger Ver, Jihan Wu

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why to not* fuck i am a mong

Who was mining power? Who was genius with 8 different Phds and 8 Master Degrees developing it?


Jihan's money cow elastos is binded to btc, not bcash.
He likely understands that bcash is dead.
You annoying bagholders are left with your bags.

Wtf you knew that everybody hates you and kept on denying the reality.

bcash lul

Corecucks are getting nervous!

Guys I have 250$ to blow, should I spent it on ETH or Litecoin or spend it all on Bitcoin?

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>bcash is the true bitcoin

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Jihans already committed to start mining Elastos after Dec 2018 when BTC will be ruined by then

>hates roger ver and jihan wu
>has to trust them to not take advantage of segwit vulnerability

Corecucks are scared

Based crypto autist. Everyone else is a fucking brainlet compared to this monster intellect.

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4 words for you fatty. "We Have Lightning Too" This video explains the Lightning available to Bitcoin Cash. "Level 2" as he calls it in the video, which uses SigHashNoInput.
Its really weird. In that interview they say it is possible to retrieve the private key from one single public transaction on the blockchain. This makes absolutely no sense. They say his proof was invalid unless he moved coins, but instead he signed a message with his private key rather than signing a digital signature for a transaction. So it seems that video indicates that either Craig Wright is Satoshi, or it is possible to extract private keys from the public data on the blockchain from a single transaction. Did I miss something because I don't think I did? (The reason he might not want to move coins is because signing a digital signature on an insecure setup can compromise your key. So he could potentially lose everything if the reporters are hackers or government agents.)