24hr Chart Scanner

Hey biz, earlier I posted about this scrolling chart scanner I made. And some people said they would like to use it.

I just finished putting it online, tell me what you think.

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Breddy gud

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what browser does it work best in? I only have 10 columns like it's supposed to be formatted for mobile.

do ad blockers or pihole interfere?

Hey, there's 25 columns. I just updated them. You might need to do a hard refresh to see the effect.

I coded this to work in chromium. Ad blockers may interfere, the page is 25 iframes displaying a scrolling image. It hasn't been coded to be responsive. It will display the first few columns to you on mobile.

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now I have 2 blank columns. using iron/chromium browser on win 7.

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disabled ublock and pihole and still 2 blank columns

Yeah I'm working on a fix for that. Happens when I grab the chart indexes sometimes.

Thanks for checking the tool out!

no problem user, I am a developer myself and happy to help

Dude you couldnt develop a polaroid

I'm a database developer and work in data and analytics nigga. there's a lot of different flavors of us but we're all on the same team.

nice jb OP! thats cool

So you input data into excel and make pretty pie charts to point at

no, I'm actually in one of the most promising career paths that exist.

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my friend told me the symbols were hard to read on his screen, i'm going to change them to something brighter. i also refreshed the index.

this is what I got now

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dude are you in xaviers school?

stock/crypto/programming - education

Hows this color?

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After I put a mechanism to fix the failing charts, I'll turn it into a cronjob every 10 mins. Is it something you would use for trading?

yes. I've made all my short term gains, about $50k off buying cheap coins that haven't mooned yet during bull runs, before they get shilled on Veeky Forums. it's really hard finding them though and this would make it much easier. I'd look for the flat ones and not the ones tanking or mooning, then check out their fundamentals.

Op come talk in this room, place is fucking legit.
Everyone else too, they have like 20 programmers

That's great! That's the reason I made the tool. I am thinking about color coding the symbols based on the major exchanges they trade on.

I'm implementing this

Which should fix the cached image generation problems.

fresh fixes coming up in a bit