Imagine you bought 500 ETH when it was $5.
Now imagine every ERC20 token released over the past year had been airdropped for free to your ETH wallet.
How much money would you have made?
That's what buying EOS today is like. EOS is now $5 and every new EOS dapp will be airdropped to EOS holders.
Six airdrops already scheduled between March and June. Many many more after mainnet launch.
Also, remember that any existing ERC20 project can be ported to EOS in less than a week.

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>hyper inflation and high supply is a GOOD thing

>every new EOS dapp will be airdropped to EOS holders
Like 1:1?
Sounds like a horrible way to butcher your token price

Great arguments there brainlets, wow you really showed me up.

One more point to add - EOS holders will have the strongest hands in crypto. Who will want to sell when there are free airdropped dapps incoming every week?

That's how dapps will be launched on EOS instead of ICO. There will be no ICOs. New tokens are distributed to existing EOS holders and funding for the new project comes from the EOS funding pool.

Who runs the funding pool? How is it ensured that good products get funding while shit products get nothing?

I'd just have a bunch of shit tokens deposited to my wallet against my will? No thanks. When did spam become a good thing?

>weak developer team, only good dev is Dan Larimer who is known for ditching projects the moment he doesn't get his way
>"Eth killer" features like free transactions(only free for the user, devs still need to pay for bandwidth) and multi-language smart contracts are already on ETH roadmap
>not even out yet (could easily delay mainnet launch like ICX)
>dev ecosystem is nonexistent compared to ETH
>Less money for incentivizing development than the Ethereum Foundation


It sounds like NEO without Smart Economy. It's even funded by EOS (BTW NEO council has more in reserve than this + an originator company to demo the government ties). Why do we need this? It has fuck all to do with ETH. Why is ETH even competing for projects that need to be centralized?

>dev ecosystem is nonexistent compared to ETH

This is the most important point IMO. The Eth ecosystem is maturing rapidly. I can use a Truffle boilerplate project and have my new ponzi up and running in a couple of hours, with automated testing, continuous integration support, all the usual real dev shit going.

And as for the "better tech, scalable etc" arguments, Loom sidechains in beta since yesterday, Raiden, Plasma etc all coming along nicely, and it'll be all about staking by Q3 - Q4. Moneyskelly might be a fucking autist when it comes to pricing, but he takes his baby seriously - the features both already in Eth and continuing to get rolled out are insane.

Meanwhile EOS is run by a fucking pedo (ok, so is Moneyskelly, but this fuck is MUCH more degenerate), with no product to show. When even currentyearman calls you out, and people that HATE currentyearman agree with him, your project is just shit.

>funding new projects comes from the EOS funding pool
>the EOS funding pool is made up of a finite amount of ETH that people spent buying EOS's ERC20 token

So what you're saying is that the success of EOS is necessarily dependent on ETH being more successful?

>ped to EOS holders.

When will EOS wallet be available?

blockone has put 1 billion into escrow for projects that will launch on the EOS platform. venture capital backed projects, then holders of EOS get the tokens upon release. the EOS token is like real estate on the system. anybody using the system must pay for the real estate.

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I'm all in on EOS, i want those airdropped tokens every day

>Meanwhile EOS is run by a fucking pedo (ok, so is Moneyskelly, but this fuck is MUCH more degenerate)

will you get airdrop if you keep on binance?

is there an EOS wallet?

Weak fud. Brock Pierce never ran EOS and is no longer involved at all. Dan Larimer runs EOS and he already has two successful blockchain projects behind him (Steem and BitShares). He won't ditch EOS quickly because this is his magnum opus and he has long term plans to launch many of his own new dapps on EOS.

Yes ETH and NEO have more mature ecosystems today, they launched earlier and had virtually no competition. But that's changing fast.

Can someone refute this redditpost about EOS?

>A centralized blockchain has no use case. It's a much more expensive version of using the cloud. If there's an entity that can be sued to remove something from the blockchain there's no point to it, a normal server is always going to be faster and cheaper.
>By design it's not going to be possible to verify eos' blockchain on a normal pc, making it a fully trusted design and fully vulnerable to court orders.
>Outside of cashing out on the 'blockchain' hype, what reason is there for anything to prefer eos over normal hosting solutions?
>Now that I think of it EOS is exactly like rootstock, but using a new token instead of bitcoin.

They need help over there.

There are 21 block producers that act as nodes at a given time but can change in case of external threat or simply voted out by community.

EOS and the main theme of all blockchain 3.0 projects goes beyond using just smart contracts. DApps will be built with micro economies that cannot exist on traditional hosting solutions. It's not about taking what already exists and dropping it on a blockchain. It's the realignment of incentives, governance and community to build these new micro economies.

Bitcoin is lightyears away from running even an ETH level smart contract.

The % of dapps airdropping is going to be small. I hold EOS because is a furure winner but OP is full of shit

There are already six airdops between now and June and mainnet hasn't even launched yet.

so centralized, just like eos itself, got it.