So i'm a female neet age 20, finally getting kicked out by my parents, have to be gone by next week lel...

so i'm a female neet age 20, finally getting kicked out by my parents, have to be gone by next week lel. what should i do biz? i have no work experience or drivers license, like 5k networth from crypto but that won't last me long. im physically small & weak from years of neeting, prefer answers that dont involve whoring out.

also what are cheapest places to live in the states? bonus if neet friendly (lot of things walking distance) will probably spend some money to just fly and start from there

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I don't know, maybe a calling center? Why you getting kicked?

are you cute lol

Post tummy pictures or gtfo. To prove you’re female (male).

Whore out

if you're in aus I'll take you in if you're willing to become a 24/7 sex slave

move to some god awful country in eastern europe for a year. you can live in a hostel for a week there for like $20. i'm serious. if you're halfway attractive and can speak two language they'll probably even employ you in the meaintime. you're welcome.


Whats the point of mentioning that you're female if you're going to rule out being a whore? What other career opportunities/life options are there that cannot be undertaken by a man, and thus make mentioning your gender relevant? There are none. This board is about trading shitcoins, not trying to get special attention bc you're a woman. Go away pls

Come live with me.
Go to Wollongong university tomorrow, stand infront of the library holding a sign with the words written on it.
>'Socialist Slut Needs Suger Daddy'

Only go with the man that whispers in your ear
>'Hand over your foreign Currency'

get a rich bf

Sell used panties

unironically this

OP, this is why you don't admit you're a grill on Veeky Forums. Full of autists and the kind of shit people say on here will get you down. Don't do it again.

what state do you live in currently?

my biological parents are split, been neeting with mother & she started dating new boyfriend he smokes weed a lot in the house, the smell is awful and it bothers my neeting. called him out on it now im getting kicked out, called my father and he said its for my own good and hung up

also gonna have to start wageslaving... or is it better to go to uni and take student loans? i dont think i qualify for anything but min wage lel.

if i was a guy it would be easier right? i could do something like construction, or trade school, but those types of hard labor jobs wouldn't physically fit me when im barely 120lb

Join live action role playing. Tell sob story. White knights will let you couch surf and won't try anything unless you're someone who likes to exploit betas by fostering psychosexual fixations.

harsh lessons all round

He won't fuck you don't worry oajeet
OP, get those kneepads ASAP

shut up

none of the dudes on this board can do physical labor jobs either

well, the rules are the rules.


>not whoring out
Yeah, you're using your assets wrong. Anyways, best way to survive on 5k USD is to couch surf on AirBNB in some rural shit-fuck state. That's 300/mo on rent, 200/mo on food, and 100/mo on misc crap. That gives you a 8 month burn rate. Which brings you to the next issue:

Go to college. Pick some stupid easy shit to major in (like business). Get internships while you're there and you're set. EZ govt loans will let you neet for an additional 4 years. After that hopefully you'll get a job, or find a manwhore to sponge off of.

pls give me good advice biz if i dont figure something out ill probably be homeless in a few weeks somewhere

Wrong I am a landscaper BTFO


Whoring a disadvantage, money easy af

ask for help like all women. oh you already did it?

find a (( boyfriend )) and suck him dry

Kneepads and mouthwash :)

Apologize to your mother's boyfriend and smoke weed. It compliments a NEET lifestyle. Eventually you'll enjoy the smell and you'll smell like a stoner too. Problem solved.

t. has never done any construction


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5k is enough to live on for a month or two, you'll be fine. You don't have a driver's license so you need to live in a city with public transport. Do some research, find the best one that is reasonable (not NYC, SF, Seattle).

Get a plane ticket there, find a room to rent on Craigslist in a safe spot. Get a job working at a restaurant. If you're cute, you can easily be a hostess and it's a easy job. Retail or anything real could work too. Don't worry about no work experience. Just lie appropriately. No one will call you out on it.

get a driving license from your 5k crypto, get a cheap car and go work for pizza delivery
at least ends will meet, and you will aknowledge with the city and make some connections

shut up degenerate

>find a boyfriend to pump & dump me in exchange for temporary housing

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yea the manager hand will connect with her ass

Become a boobie streamer on titch.

Just whore yourself out. Keep us updated.

Try to get into warehousing user. You dont have to be strong to drive a forklift. Also these businesses have a shortage of females so its easier for you to get hired. If you have no idea how to drive a forklift an hour or two of youtube videos will educate you enough to get started. Lie about your experience. Say you worked thru temp agencies (whichever are around you) doing case and order picking and eventually got into loading and unloading palletized trailers.

I live in the midwest with no higher education and make about 50k a year, which is GOOD MONEY here. Full benefits. 401k. Insurance. 3 weeks if laid vacation a year plus sick and emergency days and floating holidays.

You will have to be able to pass a drug test, most likely mouth swab (between 12 hrs and a few dats clean) or piss (varies alot for all reasons, but can always use synthetic urine).

Good luck. Reply if this interests you and you would like to know anything more. Ive been doing this for about 12 years. I dont hate it. 4 10 hour days a week, 3 days off... its not too shabby.

OP answer

is this real? and why did you post it here?

shit really just fucked my my mind, that people actually do this to humans...

>if i was a guy it would be easier right?
Are you serious??
> She gets $500/show average and does it M/W/F - so $1500/week
> other girls earning $800-$1000+ per show

Whatever you do, don't sell any of your crypto before the next bull run. Just get a minimum wage job and pay your dad rent. If he says no, offer him sex

I'll let you live at my place as long as you drain my balls on command

what the fuck is that

So you don't want to work you don't want to fuck you don't want to do shit yet expect free shit from people

with small boobs? in what house? i don't play any of the mainstream games anyway, i thought u guys were smarter than this.

southern east coast

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source for that image friendo

Heh. 3 weeks OF PAID*

get into pizza delivery

Typical victim mentality, pump and dump him

>Invest in just Crypto


555 come on now


move to the west coast, more liberal / more free money for neets.

enjoy your stay

It’s my breeding pod and yes it’s real. This pic was taken several years ago when it carried my first child.

Women are vessels. Otherwise they are burdens

i never said i dont want to work, i asked for suggestions and u gave bad ones

do i need a license?

>find a boyfriend to pump & dump me in exchange for temporary housing

You have a free fucking shortcut if you want
If you want it the way the rest of us do, then go find a fucking job and a piss ass place to live and enjoy living day to day with money issues

If you want to abuse your one free shortcut in life, go fucking find some semi-wealthy NEET fuck who probably lives off his parents, and crash for free.
And obviously you'll have to fuck him, but who cares you get to just stockpile money for the foreseeable future.

Pick one, it really doesn't matter but you can either do it the easy way or the hard way

Goal is to get the self confidence, health, and aggressive mindset that you'll need to be a success:

Any job that keeps your clothes on. Doesn't matter how much it pays. People with jobs are happier and get much further in life than people without jobs. You may get fired one or two times because you might not have the practice of keeping a job. Just get another one in that case. Once you can keep a job for a while, you can try for promotions or higher paying jobs.
Live as cheaply as possible. If shelters are safe, use it. Commute on a bus, no Starbucks, live for six months minimum like a pauper.
Exercise every day.
Clean your mind: No video games, no porn, no TV, no bullshit. Social media on a fixed schedule only. Read short, but challenging books. Short so that you can get through them without giving up.
Only start dating once you level yourself up-- you'll attract a higher class of partner.
Aside from the 'keep your clothes on,' which is not an option for most guys, I'd say the exact same thing to a guy, by the way.

Good Luck.

I would offer you a place to stay if you were in the northern east coast.

do you have any extended family you can call on for help?

Plan A where I grew up was if you find a girl you like, knock her up and get a council house.
Not sure what the alt is where you are though.

If you are cute you can camwhore or findom, I suppose. Its probably like prostitution with no risk of stis and more self respect due to an intact fanny.

Invest in a love sense and stream on Chaturbate with a horse mask or something. This way you get the benefits of whoring yourself out without people knowing your identity.

>I will protect m'ladys honour


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If you want to be an internet whore I can help market you and bring a lot of traffic. Easy 5k a month depending on methods used.

The market isn’t bottoming out. The stock market has been at all-time highs, and still is. The crypto market, on the other hand, is bottoming out because everyone is realizing that every cryptocurrency is more useless than the next. FOMO was the only thing that soared the prices, but that’s gone now. People realized that they weren’t missing out on anything. If you’re planning on making money in the crypto world, good luck! You’re going to need it..

It’s on the Internet. I posted on b when I first took it 4 years ago. I get called larp but have no reason to lie. Not like I’m starting threads or pushing a narrative

uhhhhhhhhhhh dont confuse with army

Good answer. Here in Crestview FL a company called iQor is hiring. We start out at $10/hr (training for six weeks also paid) and can make more money in bonuses plus protection plan sales. The only bad part is that the super cheap places are like 60-80% black, unless you can get housing or get approved for one of the nicer apartment complexes that go by income. The blacks here are basically white people everywhere else though. You'd be following a script to fix DirecTV issues, which also comes with free TV if you watch that at all. The people here are like 50s-70s era levels of neighborly. Plus if you're smol you'd be hot here since everyone's so large.

Don’t care if you believe it. It still lives. I’ll timestamp it’s belly. At least I’m not like OP, an attention seeking pig

Fuck off roastie
Youre not welcomed here

show it's face!

>guys have it easy, construction is such an easy job

The absolute state of women.

when you will post timestamp?

This is sensible.

It doesn't get titties for the other Anons tho.

Gotta show da face.

Obviously I would NEVER do that. I’ve never seen it myself, and I’m not interested in incriminating myself with any identifying info

this can't be real..right guys? r right?

Lol no OP is a pussy.

Be right back.

if you want to come to texas i can give you a room

you can clean my house and do my dishes or something i guess and try to find a meme wageslave job

There was literally no need to specify being a female in this thread other than for the attention. You could have just said you were a 20 year old neet getting kicked out by your parents. You have designated yourself as an attention whore OP.
>but muh double standards
I have never once seen a thread beginning with "so I'm a male".

Dude are you guys literally Down syndrome? You never played games like silent hill or anything? That's a painting, not a picture you absolute newfags
Go back to plebbit, all three of you, right now

elaborate? california?

thanks, any recommendation for location? or should i try going to school now with loans?


don't some call centers let you work from home?

i've been posting here since august

its not easier, if it was easy i would be able to do it. why are u spinning that?

You first normie.


Suck it up and apologize to your mom, it's by far the easiest thing to do at this point.

Otherwise just get a shitty supermarket/fast food job while you work shit out, otherwise you will end up whoring for food.

in 30 minutes right?

>White knights will let you couch surf and won't try anything unless you're someone who likes to exploit betas by fostering psychosexual fixations.

Truth. This shit is HIGHLY effective. OP can set herself up as the local manic pixie dreamgirl cosplay queen and have an adoring cult in no time at all.

>call centers work from home
This one used to until AT&T bought DirecTV.

>white knighting
Top kek

>blue board

>what the fuck happened to this board?

raperoom. nice.

sounds safe, op. go for it?

>I have never once seen a thread beginning with "so I'm a male".
the only threads I see like those are from gay anons that want to whore themselves out
funny, that

I'd hire u to cook 4 meals daily/clean for me. You could sleep at my place for free too.
t. wealthy 21 yo Torontonian 6'2 White male cryptoneet

[email protected]

you can stay with me for free.
Just gotta let me smash 25 times a month

>wanted my genes to carry on.
>women are useless and mostly terrible at raising children
>I’m well off so getting in a relationship even less desirable.
>look into ways to solve dilemma.
>dark web

Cost a pretty penny but I never knew who it was and it’s reproductive system works, so I have a beautiful child, with no ties to it’s mother.

>or should i try going to school now with loans?
No you retard.
Build up your cash stacks.

>so i'm a female neet age 20

(Also, student loans and a trade school, or just be smart and start camming)

>i've been posting here since august
Jesus Christ. I knew Veeky Forums was a bunch of LARPing plebbitor faggots, but this is bad.