Let's talk smart contract / dapp chains

What does the future of smart contracts look like? Is there enough room for multiple chains or will there be one to rule them all?

Looking into different projects you see some are taking both similar and different approaches. Which platform's approach is best? Is "best" subjective considering blockchain scaling is a balance of trade-offs?

The thread image is of the top 4 (ETH, NEO, EOS, ADA) but are there smaller caps worth noting?

Curious to hear your user's thoughts

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>What does the future of smart contracts look like?
Only exists for fundraising ICOs. Will tank due to heavy regulation.
May go somewhere depending on what China wants to do, looking pretty shit at the moment.

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ADA is currently vaporware with an ambitious goal, though a promosing team.

NEO's network/ecosystem is as you know it is much much much more centralized than ETH but has higher tx/s.

EOS is also an ambitious goal, with 1 million tx/s as their goal and their tokens is aimed to be held so holders get airdropped tokens and vote on activating ICOs on the network.

ETH is developed and mature, it has ICOs on its network, doesn't have very fast transactions speed/times and the fee's on the network are not top tier.

To be honest I can't say which one will come out on top until ADA shows a product, there's also other smart contract platforms like Zilliqa, Qtum and XEM.

ETH right now has the most adoption out of all the smart contract platforms.

Why don't you read a bit before starting a thread like this. Start by googling "Ethereum research problems github"

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give me one real world application for smart contracts that can't be done equally easily without smart contracts.

VeChain will obviously come out on top. No other project has anywhere close to the number of connections and partnerships. Your platform doesn’t mean shit unless enterprises are building on it

This is what I was looking for. Thanks user

What's so special about ACT?

Where is NAS here ? u niggas include NAS..as mainnet this month end

it costs 500 GAS just to launch a smart contract on neo...that was over 40k USD at the peak. Neo adoption is going to be seriously limited if companies have to shell out that kind of money just for a glorified server.

ADA will win. Charles has been flying back in forth from Honk Kong, Tokyo, and South Korea. Just be patient.

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Too slow to actually be used. Will take years to have any possibility of being fixed.

Will explode as approach nears. First platform with smart contracts that can scale.

Fake Chinese coin pumped by Westerners. No one uses it. Only 27 contracts in production.

Started development years before EOS and will not have smart contracts until long after. Will be dead on arrival. CEO is a massive douche.

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>No one uses it. Only 27 contracts in production.
NEO is basically unusable. storeofvalueblog.com/posts/neos-secret-scaling-issues/ sums it up nicely.

Sharding and plasma are ready coming into ETH. Plus it has great liquidity and its already adopted by many pairs. Let's not forget the already existing software and tools for it.

Vitalk also told us proof of stake was almost ready in late 2016.

let me guess. you'd rather pic related

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You forgot ETC. ETC has a very solid dev team and has the original ETH chain.

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im not very smart, but that's 3

They're all shit except ETH. You can LISK to that.

Why is no one down with the QTUM?

It had superior smart contract action already ready to rock.

The OG, will likely be around for a long time. Currently doesn't scale well and Casper/Plasma not coming anytime soon and will likely cause a lot of infight within the community (miners vs whales vs foundation)
Centralized scam. They market themselves as the best thing since sliced bread to lure normies in, but that's all there is to it: marketing.
Centralized scam. Codebase is a mess but has its own main net at least. Only appeal is the free gas you get by holding the NEO token. Also Chinese people like it.
Very ambitious project, with main parts still missing sadly. Staking rewards will not come until Q2 and smart contracts in Plutus with runtime verification (IELE) until Q4. If they can beat Ethereum to the market, they have a chance of taking over.

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They have the only novel and practical solution to the scalability problem for one

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>no mention of Tezos

Marketcap alone makes me want to dump into this. I really want a dapp platform in my portfolio and am still leaning towards ADA though

I keep seeing the NEO code FUD, but nobody can give a single example as to what part of their code sucks

If ETH sorts out scaling, it might be suitable to run dapps, other EOS will (maybe ZIL if EOS fucks something up?)

For smart contracts that don’t require meme-tier on-chain execution throughput for dapps, but rather security of both the smart contract code and the long-term stability of the platform, Tezos, obviously.

It's like antshares. They're even planning a rebranding. I'm going all-in in a couple months.

> Private
> Smart-contract
> Atomic Swap
> Sub-adresses
> PoW

Gonna replace ETH in Dark Web Space.

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>nobody can give a single example as to what part of their code sucks

.....literally EVERYONE can. It's a shitty, centralised solution where if one node goes down, they whole network crashes.

ADA looks like a good buy

implying eth is not centralized? mining farms hello? dictator forking when something goes wrong hello?
also bug riddled shitfest, I would never be comfy holding eth knowing that it can go to 0 because of another bug found, it's like trusting some russian exes from piratebay, not to mention the fucking inflation, you should never invest in anything that has built-in inflation, inb4 inflation is good for currency, maybe, but that doesn't mean you should invest in it, dollar worked great as a currency for last decades and look at its value

>NEO's network/ecosystem is as you know it is much much much more centralized than ETH but has higher tx/s.

No it doesn’t. It’s way slower than eth

The only one with a future

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Eth is very ahead of the game. It has scaling problem because it has scale already, I don't think other platforms are able to solve a problem they don't have yet.
I would also bet on NEO because of political reasons if it doesn't turn out a complete disaster.

Hahahahahaha lit meme bro

>ETH will keep surviving for a while by the grace of whatever ERC20 tokens launch on it for now.

>EOS will probably have some medium-term gains as it does some things better than ETH and normies flood in.

>NEO is Chinese.

>ADA will keep building slowly and go through several pumps and dumps as the big wallets take profit, but in the end it will win and everything that was depending on ETH will move to ADA.

More bitcoins are created every day. And if they want it to become the next world currency they will have to increase the hard cap because no one will accept a currency that is 90% owned by meet bagholders

He was just hungry

I mostly agree. NEO is the weakest of them all and it is destined to dump

ADA uses piece of shit haskell how the fuck will that compete with c/c++ do you neets not realize haskell is for hobbyists

All in on EOS at the moment dumped all my eth before EOS dumps 1 billion burgers worth of eth into the market c/c++ Eos is obviously superior and has normie attention from John Oliver. No such thing as bad publicity, maybe for the guy that got fired

Yes. Eos is the one doing all the ETH dumping

Just buy Ark before the boom. Smart contracts, push button blockchains, Blockport partnership, scaleable and an actual working dev team. It's that easy.

Y'all should fill ur OST bags, will have a XVG/TRX/XRP run in the next weeks

> i'm hodling a shitcoin because of endowment effect

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anyway, you're missing something guys

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Haskell is only used for the core architecture, brainlet.

Also a good idea. I'm kind of tempted to say "fuck it" and throw my remaining BTC / LTC into ARK.


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smart contracts will be written in c/c++/c#/javascript/solidity etc, on the Cardano platform you ignorant faggot. clearly you don't know what the fuck you're talking about

Tezos will be the only coin worth buying after ETH fails to scale

EOS cause normies love airdrops

They have a loyalty program where you get free ACT by having tokens in your wallet, and will be rebranding in Q2

Smart contracts are the future.

off chain solutions provided by iexec have processed 1 million transactions per second. there are solutions but they require integration with outside chains.

I think you are correct. they also parted ways with Brock Pierce the pedo fuckhead

HPB is testing right now with their solutions to the many issues that NEO has. time will tell if the chinks can get it together

difficult to program on that platform for the average coder because it's haskell. this type of blockchain, if properly developed will offer the most security. could be used with rail services, air craft, and other highly sensitive and life risking industrial applications

how did i do?

I didn't think about this but the miners will definitely pissed of when ETH moves to POS, we will probably see another fork like BTC and BCH.

>you tards still arent in on this?

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One of the main devs wasn't using test cases last Summer. CoZ fixed it, but it's still last Summer. We are collectively unable to comprehend that states change over time.

Strat is also working on smart contracts. Doubt they will beat out ETH but they are closer than those other vaporwaves.

Bahahaha STRAT? Are you kidding me? They have barely delivered on anything. Completely focused on the wrong things - tumblebit, 250k masternodes? What a joke for some alpha shitware. Enjoy sucking krushangs dick to $zero.