My fellow arkies

anyone else losing hope?

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stuttering potheads


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No, I'll never sell my Ark.

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Why would you lose hope? Do you need daily twitter updates to give you good feels?

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Already lost it. Sold earlier today and never looking back.

Sell now, before it goes to zero.

Nope, not at all. Just sitting here comfy while staking and making more ARK. What's your shitcoin doing for you?

Maybe if you guys were still praising Kek, this death spiral wouldn't have happened. I'll begin, CHECK PLEASE!

>I'm running out of options here
Someone witness this man's dubs!

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Losing hope?

Quite frankly, the fud against Ark is weak. It is gonna take a whole lot more than this to make me sell.

Ark could literally go to 0 with one, 1minute red candle I still would not budge.

I say bring it on, there is absolutely nothing you can throw at me that will ever make me consider selling for a nanosecond let alone actually selling.

You're not well in the head if you really believe this. You're probably all bagged up on LISK anyway, but as I was saying before, maybe we need a little magic, meme magic.

please go to .01

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Didn't ark mommy blown her brains out after she realized ark is a failure?

She posted like 8 hours ago so I'd say she's still breathing


Nope. Still deluded.

Might consider selling some in Q4, wake me up then.

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All the good news will be dropping in the next two months. Stay deluded my brothers

How are you making profits when the whole market is red....retard....

I missed ark under a dollar, please dump

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It seems like a bad time to drop ARK considering v2 and VM will be coming out relatively soon and organically increasing hype levels. After that there will likely be an increased marketing push (hinted at by mike's opinion on scheduling skycoin marketing) in addition to more interest from potential partnerships and other things which traditionally pump overhyped scamcoins, except this time it won't be a scam.

I'm not expecting astronomical gains, however I do think ARK can cement itself in the top 30ish on CMC for the long term. That's just my opinion with the most minimal amount of delusion I can manage.

Not deluded enough unfortunately. Dropped my bags for LINK to attain maximum delusion

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