So let me lay it on the line. I am a writer. I've been on the edge when it comes to looking for stories...

So let me lay it on the line. I am a writer. I've been on the edge when it comes to looking for stories. I want to tell your story, and I'm willing to do what it takes to protect you while keeping it a true story with "fictional" characters. Everyone from drug dealers to pimps can vouch for the fact that nobody so far can make me talk. Anyone from local pd and beyond can vouch for the fact that I stonewall them when they try to get at my sources.

If you have any truth to tell, I'm here. I'm going to cash in, but I'm here.

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fuck you

Expound on that sentiment please.

Hello law enforcement/data miner

I was orphaned in a convent at 12 years old... want to hear my escapades?

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I make 102k a year, and every morning I wake up, go in the shower, lay down, put my legs up on the wall, and piss all over my face and body. After this, I take a shower, get dressed, eat, and drive to work


I can dig it.

Tell me about the entity.

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Who the fuck says they make 102k a year? You make 100k.

It's nun of your business.


Faggot. I'm also a writer and I can guarantee you I'm a better one that OP. Post your story if you aren't larping

ive been thinking about writing short stories rather than novels.

how do i go about copyrighting my shit then making some money off of it?

hey mate, if you're for real I've got a friend. He's the biggest fucking loser in the world. like beyond anything that the faggots on this board can ever even larp as. The kind of loser that should have killed himself years ago but somehow he is eternally optimistic and just bounces everytime he gets slapped down. it feels insane. My mate and I have been talking about writing a book about him for ages but neither of us really has the skill to pen something.

The communal showers user, they cleaned me so good... got to stay clean and pure for Jesus they said... have to suck out the deamon seed and naughty thoughts.

I majored in philosophy, I understand this.

Copyright? Just prove you had it first with a computer file. I wrote an episode for the upcoming Black Mirror season. Originally started as a short story, then hit Netflix with it. They're starving for content and tossing money out to anyone that can rub two adverbs together

Share some anecdotes

How much do you get for something like that?

Thats a good show

>convinced by known degen gambler and scam artist that he has an investment that will triple his money in a month. scammer takea him around to get credit cards all over town and take out cash advances and he takea 64k from him and dumps it instantly on baccarrat in front of his face.

he travels 2 hours by train everyday to a job in trading that doesnt pay him. he hasmt collected a single.dollar in 9 months but is convinced he is going to make it

quit a good admin job to become an uber.driver. cause he was convinced hed make more than 70 an hour

>I'm a writer
Pic is Hunter Thompson pleb tier entry level redditor shit

Not a very good one, I bet.