Share your views on what the best uses, and worst uses, of money are:

Share your views on what the best uses, and worst uses, of money are:



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Best freedom from wagery
Worst heroin

I meant USES for money when you finally spend it, not ways to get more money. But yeah investing is obviously the best use for money if you count that.




Worse: crypto
Best: crypto

felt weird having more than twice my net worth swing around daily, really should've diversified earnings into stocks. Oh well.

acquire a VR set and a top gamma butt (those ones with vibration and whatevr) and fuck your waifu
Worst: idk man maybe pineapple pizza

worst: showing off (though we all do sometimes)
best: self-sustaining off the grid cabin for the weekends

Worst: 1 million dollar car

Best: 1 million dollar house

Don't drive a girl in your lambo back to your shit hole apartment

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worst: taxes

best: investing
better: investing for drugs

worst: death

best: living life

Besides investing

Worst: travel
Best: escorts

Best: lolis
Worst: feds

What place is that? looks amazing

money is just numbers. the fact that yoy can trade for shit is retarded

Worst: Charity.
Best: Financing genocides.

Worst: Buying Ripple or Link.
Best: Buying OMG.

Just kidding; We're all going to make it. But what you feel will make it for you.

The whole point of travelling is to fug women for free or at least cheaper than what you’d spend at home

Lmao, that is the most basic bitch hobby.
You might aswell be a roastie.

>Best: Financing genocides.
I second this.

worst: drugs
best: sitting on my ass knowing i'll be fine

Best: Women and traveling
Worst: Cars

>House with a private racetrack for all my €500 cars


> shit food

> Hectic good food

Lot of parts in Northern America look like that, the pic is from somewhere in northern Washington

Worst: things that make you unhappy
Best: things that make you happy

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Transition surgery

Really expensive exit bag

Worst : Spending money on things you can't afford

Best : thinking twice before spending

Best is books, mentorship and your own children, worst is donating it/taxes (paying for other people to survive/breed)

you're not going to make it