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just a meme


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Nice FUD



Not everything is FUD user, this is just a shit thread, not FUD. And not every criticism in other threads is FUD either, not in the sense that the term has come to be used in crypto anyway. That said, F.

I can't believe I'm in the pic!! Thank you ChainLink team!

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She sacrificed her life and her honor for her native land. She was a real hero. She was a true patriot.



kek. subtle. Also I noticed the sergey in the background for the first time lol

What's with all the link doom & gloom threads tonight?

>What's with all the link doom & gloom threads tonight?

Its the dump phase.

How long should this phase last? I'm trying to make it but I'm not too smart.

Can't predict it. If you aren't smart its best to be patient and hold.

A couple of weeks to 8 weeks normally

Guide to growing wealth.
When there are 5 link fud threads running on biz and no shill ones. Buy 1000$ link.

When there are 5 link shill threads running on link and no fud ones. sell 1000$ link.

Convert profit into link.


he looks like a pajeet

we got pajeet'd again

look to enter around 2000 sats
use discretion

you guys said this was going to be $1 after the conference what happened? :)

>take me to your leader

bitcoin shit the bed like usual...also, people were expecting partnership announcement and it didn't happen/ So the weak hands and autistic pajeets left

ALRIGHT, time to talk about ChainLink's price.

I've been crunching some numbers, researching how much api providers charge right now, looking into Oraclize and other oracle services customer-base and how much are they paying...

And I've came to the conclusion that LINK holders are completely out of their mind. The network just WON'T have nowhere near the fee revenue to justify the price predictions that are thrown around in this board.

If we're LUCKY, we might see a 10MM USD a YEAR at the beginning at the network. It's fucking ridiculous.

Even if we the network eventually gets adopted by a few banks for derivatives trading purposes (which WON'T happen in less than 03 years, you idiots have no idea how far away smart contracts are from being actually usable) it'll be HARD to get over 100 MM usd a YEAR in network fees. Shit just isn't that profitable.

So yeah, LINK is basically overinflated in price because delusional neets bought into the non-sense from a group of LARPERS and didnt actually do any research.

link 1000$ eoy

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wow thats not creepy at all.

LMAO, THIS is where that meme came from?!?!?

>I've been crunching some numbers...
>Doesn't share any of those crunched numbers