Beta business man divorced. Probably going to get rekt by that Stacie. Looks like she'll get $150 million...

Beta business man divorced. Probably going to get rekt by that Stacie. Looks like she'll get $150 million. Some Chad will enjoy that, no doubt.

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Odds on bet he finds a qt asian second wife

Probably has a prenuptial agreement.
Liberals BTFO as usual.

Unfortunately for Jr, prenups get thrown out when you have a racist father for president.



She gave him some kids and he's rich af so why not just be single and fuck around now.

>Some Chad will enjoy that, no doubt.
Um.. she has 5(five) kids, ma dude

she will grow old. he will drown himself in a pussy buffet. they will both die lonely. fellas take note, you could be an heir to billionaire dollar empire, a "self-made" millionaire, married with 5 kids, in relatively good shape, and your father could be the fucking POTUS, and your Western wife will still divorce you. MARRIAGE NOT EVEN ONCE.

racism is good though

i thought you could just kill niggers &kikes tho?

western women are dope though. as long as you beat them.

>she sues you
>lose even more than you actually would
nice thinking ahmed

Judges use prenups for toilet paper. I have 2 friends divorced and judges threw the prenups out because the woman said she signed it under 'distress'. Both guys lost the house (socal real estate 800kish) and are paying alimony based on pay they were getting at the height of their careers for the next 18 years. GG no RE.

>women are oppressed

thats where your friends done fucked up big time

The Trumps are ridding themselves of the rat infection they had.
Alle juden raus

That's what you get for being a blue pilled cuck, even if you're royalty. He's ugly and she wants that Chad dick openly now that she's rich.

If you get married and you aren't Chad you're officially a cuck. My best friend is male model tier and fucks married women all the time, I saw the messages he gets on Tinder and FB and its insane. Also saw women try to pick him up out in the city when we went out to get beer many times. When he was in a relationship he actually had to remove his pics from FB because he was getting messages from dick hungry women all the time.

Basically what I'm saying here is our nonChad lifes will still be relatively shit even if we make it and don't fucking get married. Don't even think about it.

Facts check out..

Surely he was smart enough to make her sign a prenuptial?

Where else can you earn 200k/year in the film industry?

>living in a commie shit hole
Yeah thats your problem right there user

This is a strange fetish

its just a cuck spammer annoyed that he psyoped himself into being a sissy and wants to take you down with him, dont mind him

Fake blonde uggo gold digger. His dad has divorced enough times to know how to dodge thag like shit. It's all in a private trust I'm sure.

You forgot son of the POTUS.

simple, intro-tier body language analysis of OP's pic as well as any pic of these two can reveal they were never really in love. notice how she's always looking away or at the camera. and his body is turned entirely to her, in this photo, and he looks overly clingy and weak.

most likely it's just another case of two people finally coming to grips with the fact that they're bored, she needs excitement and doesn't want to be on the road with him whilst dragging the kids along because they have school after all. yadda yadda.

>signed it under 'distress'
What the fuck is that? Have witnessed notorize that shit.

It actually isn't so strange when you consider most males can't by defintion be the alpha of the pack
For guys who are so far down the biological ladder they feel there's no hope, willful submission is a way to regain some form of control
Can't lose if you choose not to compete, and such

he and eric aren't taking center stage and don't have as much influence as that fucking kike bitch ivanka...notice how she was with Trump on all his trips. whereas eric and don jr were no where to be seen on those's because Trump was trying to make himself look more like a feminist by having his daughter close by. and also because Don Jr was entangled in that "meeting with russian lawyer" gossip.

in short, Don Jr. fucked up by having anything to do with that russian lawyer lady....DO NOT TRUST WOMEN they will fuck your shit up. just dip your dick and dip out.

>implying they won't just accuse you of rape

Not literally killing and raping the bitch at this point


even as a semi chad it is incredibly easy. you just have to put in some minimal effort. especially with married women that get neglected too much. actually they just want some attention. if you're not a total genetic disaster, do the following: some lifting, get in shape, throw your shitty baggy pants and cringy t-shirts with phrases away and stock up on some modern casual clothings that fit your body. get some decent hair cut and don't act like a fucking beta male and suddenly you will outshine 98% of the remaining male population, being surrounded by females. they will not directly show it to you, buy they are more than open for being chatted up if you seem like a handsome guy that also knows some talk and makes the female feel COMFORTABLE.

and getting laid literally only revolves around making the female comfortable. having money, a good job, etc is only a side note. they won't care. they only want attention and comfortable feeling. so be a nice asshole and not attached.

unfortunately you are unattractive or you could be a model too.

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Pretty much this, men let themselves too in marriage.

Hell if you lift and youre Veeky Forumsizen like in your 40 youre literally better than other 99% males

Trumps Jr is a "businessman"?

I'm surprised this hasn't become the norm as a response to divorce rape. Your life is over at that point. It's one thing to break up, but if a woman is going to then use the state to destroy your life instead of just walking away, how is this not the default response? I'm guessing they have kids and men don't want their kids to be raised without either parent. We need to have penalties for divorce. Not incentives.

the king is here. so you should listen. listen good because i know all. they arent divorcing really. they are giving the girl all his money so feds can take it from trump jr when they arrest him for money laundering. i know all

Oh boy, let me tell you. I am 34 now and things only start getting better in every regard. Been in shape my whole life and suddenly when the grey hair set in, giving you a more serious appearance because your youth won't necessarily be associated with "inexperience" it gets even easier with ALL females as long as you follow some general behavior.

don't be attached. don't be a hateful and frustrated human being. nobody is attracted to that. make them feel comfortable and actually listen to their problems, but don't tell them yours. don't be weak. be happy, humble but DO WHAT YOU WANT.

women like to be appreciated, even if some are brainwashed into feminist shit and will #metoo as soon as you say "you look lovely". just show it to them like the alpha chad that doesn't care about possible rejection and you win. if they are too crazy, just move on. more than enough fish around.

literally. easy as fuck. and it also gets more enjoyable with women once you open up when you don't appear weird because of all your ego-shit and cringy low self-esteem issues. throw the BS out and relax.

True words

Didn't his wife open a letter that turned out to contain white powder which covered the wife and a kid?
Did that have anything to do with it? She simply got tired of all the crap?

>don't be attached.
someone should tell men early in life that "wanting to feel love" makes them a "weak, needy faggot" in the eyes of all women. maybe I just had a shitty dad.
nevertheless, never saw it coming. what I was taught to believe about women and relationships is the complete opposite of what they are.

it was cornstarch. don't be a fool, she was a model. models find rich men to divorce rape on purpose.

>be humble
sick of people repeating this negroid shit. tell me how exactly this applies. in real life the more arrogant you are the more pussies get wet.

>it was cornstarch
It doesn't have to be deadly in order to scare her
> models find rich men to divorce rape on purpose.
Most of them don't stay married for 13 years and have 5 kids though.

I guess once the kids are raised on his dime it's time to bail. he spend millions raising her kids, sending them to the best schools, feeding them the best food, personal trainers, etc. better to divorce after having and raising kids than before. she gets wayyyy more money dumped on her and her kids that way. now she still gets half of his money after 13 years of leeching.
either way you're a beta white knight or a woman

no you don't, especially because that arrogance usually has nothing that backs it up. everybody really dislikes you, even though they don't directly show you, but you end up alone most of the time if you don't buy off the people. why is there even a need for "arrogance"? it is just shitty attitude because you have no human maturity and compensate this. it is not like people don't see through this immature shit. it is only you with probably

marriage is dumb. nothing to argue there. not even once.

you don't even know what arrogance means. you are defining insecurity/narcissism as if it were the same thing. nope. you have to be 18 to use this board.

arrogance means being a little extra sure of yourself and having a "cocky" attitude. it turns women on. it's not the same as being an insecure narcissist. rather, it's just a dash of going over the line and breaking the rules a little bit- what women love.

uncontested divorce, she isn't even trying

>some cuck with daddy's money married a thot who you could obviously tell never loved him back and only did it for the fame & money
>they inevitably split
>conversation turns into muh alpha vs beta
fuck off niggers just learn to look at women like people and maybe you won't be so lonely

Women use to cook, clean, make babies, raise babies, virgins on their wedding days. Those days are long gone.

Now all they are, are holes
>Pump and Dump only

This user speaks the truth. With a bit of effort and if you're not a genetic disaster you can easily beat most males.

I was a neet until like 23, then started lifting, got on the roids, started fucking lots of bitches and having a lot of casual relationships. The more chicks I hooked up the easier it became because when you have abundance you don't really care and don't have to try hard. Girls are attracted to guys that aren't all over them like 99% of males who are clingy af.

I don't even really have game or anything it's just become so routine, match a chick on tinder, invite her over, put some shit movie on, make a move, then within 30 minutes of meeting the sloot I'm destroying her with my cock.

I've witnessed first hand the amount of betta texts these chicks get. No joke 99% of guys just say "hi how are you" and invite them out for dinner or drinks lmao. Standing out isn't hard.

>being in the film industry


I love seeing idiots from r9k being assblasted

even if the prenup holds they will just go after child support. a prenup cannot affect child support

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> film industry
He deserves it

The '50s have called, they want you back

Seriously, does any of you pathetic virgin faggots actually believe they would have it easier when women were less free?

Nice man. Except your fucking ugly slores on tinder. No, not ugly by your desperate cuck standards, but ugly and smelly to anyone that actually likes hot girls.

I have to agree. From most of the comments you instantly know the reason why they are miserable lonely fucks. Want to be with a women? Fill her emotional needs. It is like a woman has to fill your physical needs if she wants to keep you.

You can be as smug, arrogant, rich, handsome, successful all you want. If you are an unlikeable prick or just care to make her feel comfortable, she will run to someone else eventually.

Idiots here are just to busy with themselves and their juvenile egos in order to open up enough to another human being to make it an enjoyable experience to be with them.

enjoy your alimony tradcuck

Alot of guys on here, talking on Redpill, etc need to visit the Strip Club enthusiast forums and other areas where guys talk about Escorting, and then you need to go out to Strip clubs.


Because going to a strip club gives you a different perspective on sex, its puts you into situations with hot women that you wouldnt necessarily normally have.

Many of the discussions revolve around seducing strippers for what is called the "GFE" (girl friend experience). There is a difference between sex workers (what strippers are) and "civilians" - what the majority of you are talking about. Civilians care more about the "car-key-wallet" date, that is, as long as she sees that you have a car and a wallet, you are a decent human being that can hold some responsibility before she fucks you.

What you will learn is this: Sex is not complicated. You dont need complicated pickup lines. PUA is a bunch of bullshit. People find one another attractive within a few minutes of meeting one another. It's the man that usually initiates.

Sex and flirting is silent communication; the difference between strippers and civilians is that the wall is down with strippers, you can have sex right there; civilians need more priming. But its all perspective.

The bottom line is that sex is direct, you communicate it to her by looking into her eyes, saying certain keywords, taking certain moves, taking her out on a date, (if you didnt meet her on tinder) etc.

It's not complicated, it's not hard, if she finds you attractive she will mate with you. If she doesn't, she won't.

You’re a retard. You really think she can touch half his money? Please. She’ll have a comfortable life and want for nothing sure, but she did raise his kids and is entitled to something for that. She filed an uncontested divorce because what she wants won’t even scratch Don Jr’s bank.

I hate Trump but this is unfair and dishonest from her. Now is not the time.

That's an expensive whore.

I almost guarantee the reason for the divorce is because she cant handle the stress involved being in the POTUS family. Wasn't it her who received an unknown substance in the mail just the other week and was rushed to the hospital? And now theres talk of divorce. She obviously can't handle the slew of potential leftist violence to come and wants to distance herself.

Ironically if the political parties were reversed, the left would be all "muh right wing violence is destroying the potus family!"

But since the victims are right wing, the media is just going to be like "hero, no one knows what is ruining their marriage!"

The constant death threats from leftists probably took a toll on her

>Pic related a few hours after the divorce leaked to the press

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why do people that deride PUA always have some sketchy version of PUA they try to sell after deriding the former?

some form of butthurt I presume, as PUA does work.

All you faggots saying this is an example of why marriage doesn't work.... is this really the template to go by?
Also Don Jr. Has no chin or spine, physically so beta.


Coming soon.

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>you are a legend

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>People find one another attractive within a few minutes of meeting one another.
or not attractive. this is mostly my problem

Buy monero...

Look at his face lmao

Why do people insist that PUA works?

It doesnt fucking work. At all. Here is something that PUA doesnt want you to know - you cannot generate attraction, PUA is there for hopeless basement dwelling neets and virgins to make them believe they have a fighting chance if they follow a certain dialogue tree, or if they do this routine or women. It's bullshit.

The road is sex is very simple, you need to build a basic level of comfort first, which means talking with a female and introducing yourself, and then communicating to her that you want to fuck her. That's it. That's all it is. PUA just makes things more complicated for guys.

As a man you should be direct. Men are direct, women are indirect. It is a masculine thing to do, to be direct.

If a woman doesnt find you attractive within 5 minutes of meeting her, nothing you can do will change that. And you are not going to know until you actually flirt with her and talk with her.

The big misconception is that men are the selectors and women are the selectees - wrong. it's the opposite - women select, men are the selected because the barrier of entry is automatically higher for men. You are the one that initiates the flirting to let her know you are interested. She will let you know if she reciprocates back.

Attraction comes down to 3 things, LMS. LMS is the only thing (Looks, Money, Social) that matters to women when it comes down to attraction. Improve your LMS and you will get higher quality women. That simple.

>marrying an American woman


>neets kill themselves or random people instead of judges, journos, politicians, businessmen

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I too am shocked that there hasn't been a lot more of this, unless it's being buried by the media, which is entirely possible.

I mean, if the judge throws out your pre-nup, basically not following the law, what incentive does a person have to continue to follow the law as expected?

some people can not improve their face, height and genetic anomalies. Using a 1-10 scale, most people end up with someone around the same number as themselves. Money improves this, if you want to score a 8+/10 and you're a 5, but get ready for a big divorce or separation down the road

Falling for women / falling in love is weakness. Be independent. Be o the look for the next PBC call (lol). You will be happier

>If a woman doesnt find you attractive within 5 minutes of meeting her, nothing you can do will change that.
absolutely false.
tricks work sometimes

damn that faggot is a chinless ugly ass fuck

>Beta businessman
Beta? Are you kidding me? The guy has 5 kids... He already overused that womb, now he can replace it with a younger one.

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its a sign of the times

stop laughing at him and see what theyve done to your women

theyre doing it to all peoples women it doesnt matter

wake up out of your sleepwalking LOL

Are you all really ugly and involuntarily virgins?
Or is that just a meme you like to post here
Why not just pick yourself up by the bootstraps and get a haircut and take a shower

They really dont.

right and wrong
do you know what it feels like to die?

theyre looking for that in the sex, as weird as it sounds, calm them down theyre not right in the head

The /r9k/ faggotry in this thread is amazing!

yes, they do

I don't know how you western cucks JUSTed yourself so hard. Literally what the fuck is wrong with you?

I live in the middle of Slavland and men here are still men. Bullshit like that would never fly.

Yeah I don't get this.

And it's not only for roasties... anyone.
You fuck up someones life, career, whatever, without repair, don't expect yourself and your close ones to be safe anymore.

>The bottom line is that sex is direct, you communicate it to her by looking into her eyes, saying certain keywords, taking certain moves, taking her out on a date, (if you didnt meet her on tinder) etc.

Bingo! Its called a protocol, and yes following the right protocol does increase your chances with chicks.

In countries with high standard of living leftism, feminism, globalism and liberalism thrive. Conservative ideals lose importance and woman gain more power. Poorer countries are always conservative because survival is more important.

imagine only having money
get dumped on distant family and baby sitters your whole childhood, probably hard to make friends that aren't using you, a literal model gold digging wife.........surprised the marriage lasted as long as it did.

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True, there is less stuff to go around so you have to hold on to it more strongly. However Eastern Europe as a whole had greatly increased standards of living for the past ten years. In Czech Republic and Slovakia the standards of living are better than in majority of the west - if you consider safety, rule of law, freedom (and even access to guns). Yet we did not became soft or cucked (perhaps not yet, but I think never), Slavic men don't voluntarily allow foreign laws and ideas to rule over them.

Lol youre literally so beta its cringe.

Don Jr could literally disembowel her on live television w/o consequence because his dad would pardon him. I'm not sure she has thought this through all the way.

Women are never satisfied they always want more eventually. This women felt like she was throwing her life away as a housewife, she wants more excitement now and she is bored for taking care of the kids, will hire few nannies and start to travel with her girl friends next :D

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Ivanka is trumps favorite kid, she wasn’t just there ‘to seem like a feminist’. He’s been grooming her her entire life to be a fuckin boss.

Sucks for Don Jr. but his dad had 3 marriages, no big deal.