You can only invest in one cryptocurrency for the next 12 months. What is it?

You can only invest in one cryptocurrency for the next 12 months. What is it?

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Monero, it is the only cryptocoin doing what cryptocoins are supposed to be doing.

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Icx. I'm getting Antshare vibes.

ICX. That's what I'm doing, if I had another it would be XMR. Like said, only private cryptocurrency seems worthwhile to me.

1 coin other than chainlink right cause obviously that better make up the majority of your portfolio


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ICX or Cardano. Most likely Cardano if I need to buy and hold, since it might take a while, and there will be other buying opportunities, but it's heading for #1.

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If it was only one and I had to buy it now, definitely NEO

Tel. Everyone will shit on me for this one because biz hates money

Are we pretending its early Dec 2017 again? ICX is shit and will never be big

It may be heading to number 1, but the market cap is so bloated right now already.

Tell me I'll make it.

Yeah, that's the thing. Still, I prefer to choose something solid than a moonshot right now, since I think the dip might make more casualties still.

BCH of course. The only coin in the entire cryptospace that actually has rapid merchant adoption going on RIGHT NOW, and increasing daily. Biztards are gonna be really fucking mad when they realize in 1 year that every major online store accepts Bitcoin Cash and they are holding 13 other shitcoin bags with zero use because they bought into the massive paid FUD and shill campaign. Choose wisely anons, you can't afford to wait much longer.

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If you're poor like me, rcn or nuls. If you're rich, then xrp

NEO, I'm getting antshare vibes about it

Btc or zilliqa

I have ~15 different holds, but this lil nigga is by far the comfiest long term gainer. I'd be surprised if it's not above 4bn by EOY. It's going to happen incrementally, first big spurts in may latest.

Origin Trail.



Fucking this, monero or eth are the only good answers



Low market cap, less than a week old and has an already existing business with a USP