I made a thread yesterday, told you to buy.. who is laughing now

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it's true, biz hates money

it was $0.5, did you miss out on a easy double?


Sssh.. Delete this, biz deserves to be poor

How high will this go?

1 day and 14 hours to go for the Airdrop.. It will keep going up until then

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Okay I just bought 2.5 ETH worth of this so you all can dump your bags on me now and put me in the poorhouse

It's dumping lmao?? Dropped 7 cents

never lucky

lol even if you buy it now, jut hold it, day traders will be playing with it for sure, but don't panic10 fluctuation is normal

its not going to dump, not today

Dude, it's a pajeetcoin. All 'e' coins are. It's like adding"gold" to an existing coin name.

Noone is asking you to hodl.. You could easily make profit for the next 36 hrs.. if you don't want that well...

circulating supply is 19 million, I am sure its a lot better than biz shilled ones

the guy who is day trading just has 1 btc.. lul thats the whale.. sell orders are so small

This isn't 2017, Rajesh.

Got some. Now I fully expect it to dump when I wake up tomorrow morning and then I'll be sad

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Gl, taking my 7 ether to Nano

I will make another post tomorrow, just so i can laugh again

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I'll be putting nearly everything into Nano shortly after this airdrop drop on KuCoin

its going up fast the recent little dip, is because it hit $1, People can't resist when they see it

is this shit mineable like 0xBitcoin?

EBTC is a token built on the Ethereums network so the mining is done under Ethereum as a whole and is secured by Ethereums blockchain. This means the EBTC cannot be taken over by miners or have its code changed in the name of greed. The cool thing about EBTC is that EBTC can start being accepted by merchants today with transactions confirming in less than 30 secs at a lower price then what it would cost you in sales tax. EBTC is everything Bitcoin wanted to be! A transitional store of value!
Source: reddit.com/r/eBTC/comments/7ajfep/why_ebtc_is_so_valueable/