- Cryptonote protocol release imminent (2 weeks ahead of roadmap)
- New exchange listing imminent (exchange is programming DERO into their exchange as we speak)
- Blockchain update imminent
- Can talk to the developers literally right now on Slack (and Discord too, but it's slower)
- Zero advertising by devs (too busy working)
- Whales haven't touched it yet because they don't know about it yet
- Literally Ethereum + Monero but unlike Enigma it's its own chain

With this being a bear market, it's understandable if you don't want to buy any of this coin, but what is your excuse for not mining it? This coin has absolutely explosive potential once it gets going, and if we ever leave this bear market and it gets on more exchanges, it's an immediate moon mission.

Why haven't you bought/mined DERO?

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wen trex


Where is this shit sold? What's the website?

Why the fuck would I need a privacy coin with smartcontracts?

If i wanted to do something secretely I would just go Monero -> ETH contract -> Monero

ENG is a second layer solution for computations, why would Dero be a threat to this?

All information is on

LOL, selling your heavy bags after buying ATH? letletlet

Yeah these $50 DERO bags sure are heavy

you own 100 DERO? LOL

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Kek really? Dero coin? Hahaha wow. Nice name faggots. How pajeet are you to not know what that means? Just make hobocoin and bumcoin while you're at it.

This is the discord link, in case anyone was wondering: discord gg/aQcphjF

The slack link you can find on dero's website.

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2 million total premine

And? Not a single one of those coins can be used until December. The main bulk of that can't be used until December 2021. Sumokoin has 4 times that amount.

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I literally laughed out loud when I saw that their dev team was literally 95% pajeets

Dunno user, what this image tells me is that Monero is the best coin to buy. Specially with how low the inflation is.

>Sumokoin has 4 times that amount.
that makes them both shitcoins
do you know how to spot a moneygrab shitcoin?
a) it's a fork
b) unlike original it has premine

It has a premine because it has no ICO. Monero is a rare exception. Nearly all coins on the market today either have a premine or an ICO for development purposes.