The free market wor-

>the free market wor-

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>Diversity is our st-

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So who gets to pay damages in America? The state or the building company?

It will be paid by american taxpayers because muh precus free mrkt

Wrong pic, just go here:

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How is this the fault of the free market? Was it made by a random compant without the goverments approval or something?

Not at all. In fact, it was contracted straight from taxpayer funds from the federal government so it only strengthens the free market argument. As usual op is brainlet.

Feminism is killing people.
28% is astounding. Engineering is typically 95% male, so they really had to dig around to get that many.
i'm getting a headache just imagining working in that environment

Free market? It was a state run university building project, a university that gets massive amounts of funding from the state and federal gov'ts, using a contractor who has a long history of paying off south florida politicians to win building contracts. Nope

this. not just gov contracts being handed out to minorities, but the entire infrastructure is being built, maintained, and administered by a 56% society. As a scholarly jewfag, I assure you all that it is plain fact that White Anglo Saxon Protestant work ethic built America. Things are about to get a whole lot worse.

>south florida only 10% white
>surprised when it turns out to have 3rd world infrastructure

>shitskins building

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>be American
>go to school
>get shot

>drive to hospital
>get crushed by concrete

>receive treatment at hospital
>get bankrupt

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>la criatura cant build structures that can support their weight anymore
how fat do you have to be to break a fucking bridge


so did the bridge only last 1 day before collapsing?


>Use socialism to build a bridge, with diversity quotas required by law
>Blame free market

literally looks like Idiocracy.

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3 months or some bullshit. Its "artistic" though because women designed it

Are you implying politicians stealing from us, unregulated government, and bribery aren't all very real parts of capitalism? Because they are. This is what happens when money is power makes money is power

>Society does anything for money including skipping out on paying more for male employees and solid factors of safety
>Blames people trying to strengthen the nation through socialized construction

three days

Thats not even blood

They are part of the capitalism America has, crony capitalism, which is quite far from the libertarian ideal.

Prove that womyn were in charge of the bridge design team at MMM.

See the bitter swarmvirgins cocksucking again. Like always.

I was upset that I saw this picture, but it's only engine oil guys. Don't freak out.

I'm not an engineer but I mean even as a layman that looks fucking dangerous. Where the fuck is the support? That bridge must be too long in-between to stand without a support according to some sort of code.

Not to mention the support that does exist looks shady as fuck. Why the hell is the base so narrow? What the fuck even is this bridge?

Super sorry to the people devastated by this, completely unacceptable.

Haha the bitcoin ad

Engine oil is not red.. transmission fluid is red...power steering fluid is red on some vehicles

It wasn't finished yet

k thanks. thought I've seen reddish oil once it's used doesn't it look different? you're probably right tho

thanks. any updates on wwhat a finished version woulda looked like?

I go there. My school/construction teams are about to be sued up the ass. I didn’t even get to see it before it collapsed ffs


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That still seems a little long. What the fuck do I know though.

Maybe go to school for structural engineering before you shitpost


you vapid cunt I'm literally saying I don't have a clue what I'm talking about

>not having the slightest clue how a free market operates


>unregulated government
kek, and you regulate the government with what? A piece of paper? They have the guns, dude.

Canadian here generally curious about American legal system.

If I was a family member of the deceased, what are my legal options against the owners of that bridge?

Spic hive trash pile bahahhahaha

No, the engineers were pajeets man. It is diversity that pulled the trigger.


It was probably a construction fuck up. There wasn't any problem with the engineering and architecture imo,I think they are competent, the execution by the construction company messed it up

no recourse, Canadians are not considered people in America

these only happen if you're a poorfag and i have no problem kicking people when they're down

Doubt it, not many pajeets in Miami. Miami's pretty much entirely Latin American at this point

>communism wor-

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just play bridge builder

Nope doesn't strengthen that, it just brings out the message that stuff needs to be maintained. Which the free market can do sure, but with regulations because this is safaty we're talking about.

Here in the NL for example we don't have collapsing bridges, that only happens in third world-esque nations.

>Here in the NL for example we don't have collapsing bridges, that only happens in third world-esque nations.

dude i respect NL a lot, but

1, it's very far from a socialist country, compared to others in europe it's actually historically very capitalistic
2. bridge collapse&dcr=0&source=lnms&tbm=isch&sa=X

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you're confusing capitalism with crony capitalism, you dumb fuck
no solvent private company that is free of government ties would commission a bridge that has an increased chance of fucking collapsing and killing people
they would only want capable individuals working on it—male or female
only fucking retards who aren't financially accountable would give a woman a job in such a field simply because she's a woman
diversity of identity propaganda is real, and it's fucking sickening

I'm saying all of those things are at direct odds with the free market as stated by the OP. If you want to talk about pure capitalism we can do that. But thats not what this thread was about.

its a joke and you know it
the country i mean

I never said that free market had no place and didn't say it was hardcore socialist here.
However, if the government makes sure to set up a contract that maintains things well or sets parameters of demands the construction should adhere to this can be prevented.
The sane world therefor has set up things like regulations to set a standard of quality, now again, if some shithole government goes ahead and not check or anything it means the government isn't doing its job. Even in a free market if people aren't doing their job you'll get a mess.

Okay, I'm seeing a bridge from prague and a construction error DURING construction. I know of that, they basically used rafts with cranes on them and didn't take the balancing act in account correctly. Maybe the government needed more experts on their side, from what I read it was a fault on both sides (gov't & companies). At any rate the companies involved didn't stop it from happening. At any rate it's unfortunate but no system is perfect.

>chernobyl catastrophe
What? Those are 2 different catastrophes

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>bridge collapsed during a stress test
>they let people continue driving underneath it during the stress test

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w-what's that red stuff

It looks like a similar design to the Nipigon bridge that broke in Canada. When will engineers stop making meme bridges and just stick to what works?

The bridge collapsed after 3 months.
How much maintenance did it need?

It was a new bridge construction technique they are so very proud they "didn't need the middle support" completed before they installed the bridge. Then it collapsed lmao

It works all over the world, but okay thanks for the opinion.

I was wrong there, the point is there is just a need for proper implementation of regulation. So at any rate nothing exciting going on here, politically. I thought it was the same old stuff:

Wow get fucking obliterated OP


taxes are the definition of anti free market

>this level of retardation

You can shoot them dead under self defence

it was the "artistic touch" by some female "engineer"

male engineer privilege btfo!!!

this board seems more and more like /pol/ everyday. why cant you fuckwads just post there?


>announcing sage
frick off newfriend

>Responds to a coherent post with an incoherent post.
>Wants more socialism.

Do they?

thats just brake fluid user

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when your diversity quotas stop literally killing people, we'll do that.