How do I compete

>Makes $110k/year
>no acne
>bad haircut
>good stubble

>Makes $45k
>slight acne
>good haircut
>bad stubble
>no social skills

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you have to be better looking. it's the only way

>not becoming a serial killer

Shes 27 i forgot to say.

You can't

forget it lmao

You absolutely can’t unless you get more fit and more rich. Go to the gym and hope crypto pays off.

Back to r9k animal

but u have 8 years to be better than him


Suck his dick and turn him gay.

You don't brother. Give your life to god and wash away your lust for the material. Repent and feel joy for life. This will do more for you than anyone or thing ever can. For she craves meaning as well and fulfillment. How can you give anything to anyone when you have nothing but your want to give?

Repent brother and she will come to you for your radiating of life and pure love. It is this point you will realize you didn't need her or anything all along.

Only then will you be free.

Might be the best advice ever given on the internet, screen capped

Rich man isn’t the one who has many, rather the one that needs the least.

Unironically the best advice. Cuck her with him before she cucks you with him.
This puts you above her on the sexual totem pole and she will at first hate you but if you hit on her she will go for it because she wants to cuck him in order to become number 2 after you because her ego was hurt by him choosing you over her.

nope. you're describing a monk, who aren't rich.

How you compare? 22 VS 30 year old?

Think about it hes 8 years ahead you don't compare. You don't have to. Think about where you would be in 8 years, thats something you can compare

you just touched my soul like only my mother has before user


We need some kind of pics it's hard to suggest with no background

Looks like you'll have to resort to good old dependable violence.
>cut brake line

You made this thread yesterday
women aren't a goal
you're never making it