Does Veeky Forums have any advice on getting over oneitis...

Does Veeky Forums have any advice on getting over oneitis? Ever since I’ve found out my oneitis got engaged I’ve been feeling pretty depressed and my trading performance at the hedge fund I work at has suffered as a direct consequence.

Convince me that this whore is not worth my time and attention Veeky Forums

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replace oneitis with "being a soy male that wants to believe there is a thing like oneitis so he had an excuse for not chasing other woman in his good years"

move this shit to r9k for fucks sake

this. theres 4billion other women in the world pal. grow a fucking pair and go get you one

best cure for a bitch is a new bitch

>works @ a hedge fund
>has a oneitis

lmfao nice larp retard... everybody knows literally anyone who works at a hedge fund either:
1 is too busy to give a fuck about chicks
2 is too rich to give a fuck about chicks

usually both

maybe u aren't larping but in that case it must be a real p.o.s. fund with

Just think about how many dudes have dumped their loads in her holes and how she probably hasn't ever dedicated a second of thought to you.

what's oneitis? a fake syndrome?

Looks like my high school gf. Whats her name start with OP?

You must live in a really shitty town if that crack whore is the best you can do.

also inb4 u actually are James Simons and own Rentech and I get eternally btfo


Get another chick. Make it. Hope for the husband to die and or fail at life . hope she cries herself to sleep every night .

Or be me and get black pilled drink yourself till your parents want to put you in rehab and be really depressed . I suggest you take the first option faggot.

>trading performance at the hedge fund I work a
As a cafeteria cashier?

this is the same nigger posting racemixing photos trying to normalize that shit 1 post. sage report and gtfo.

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>typical Veeky Forums soyboy cope

go talk to some other girls you pathetic beta
then you'll realise they're all the same vapid whores

Day trade with huge leverage and youll forget about her instantly

Imagine being so pathetic that a legit 6/10 wrecks you, imagine it anons. It feels fucking abysmal. Op, you were never gonna make it anyways, time to buy a ksg and a blue tarp

this lad

r9k fags are just fucking pathetic

What the fuck is oneitis. I swear a new affliction is invented with every generation.

Stop being consuming soy


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