Why aren't you buying link at these cheap prices?

Why aren't you buying link at these cheap prices?

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I'm already all in since ICO

link 1000$ eoy!

usually I said only dimwits go all in. now my sentiment is that it actually makes sense for LINK, especially when looking at all the other shitcoins in existence. I literally think no other coin has the same future potential. why would they? all other coins got stomped into the fucking ground. LINK is still 3x ICO price and relatively stable with a growing user base that doesn't intend to sell.

thats why I have no other cryptos left but my 50k LINK stack and Fiat to stock up more, should everything really crash and burn. have it on MEW and just don't look at it for 6-12 months, setting some alarms at x10 and x20. I just hope sergey doesn't die in some horrible car crash.

the ceo is a trainwreck

You're welcome to fud, but keep it realistic. Sergey is amazing.

Sergiey gives Sotensbo vibes. Prolonged secrecy that concluded into a shitshow of a project.

Chainlink emits similar frequencies to IOTA. Large smoke and mirrors, great looking ideas hidding a barren wasteland underneath.

Ah, I see, reverse shilling. You bring out the weakest possible FUD so some devoted marine comes along and refutes your crap. Well played.

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>blind belief
>assuming someone well-spoken will refute shit, but not yourself. your just a brainless moron.
IOTA tier

You're right, I broke my own rule to go all in on LINK, never regretted it.

Hey OP don't forget.

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who is Niggerkikespic III, and what makes him so smart?

I ain't buying over 5k.

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only that we are probably still in accumulation, when regarding a bigger timeframe

Here’s your you

Shit has to hit orders is all I'm saying.

Wise words from another thread.

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>no response
as expected

only that people don't understand that basic concept of WHERE cryptocurrencies currently are. there is literally no money invested. not even in December was there much real money. the real bubble has not even begun. it may be harder for random shitcoins in the future and fundamentals are important. but once adaptions begin in the industrial world, there will be a bubble bigger than ever before.

Here’s your you.

My child you will prosper.

>more denial
link holders ladies and gentelmen. shell-shocked brainlets

Cause the rat is out of the bag

What do you mean that the #1 way to clean my dirty glasses isn't what I think it is?