Private Coins - G20

about the G20 rumor:

if anyone would like to get cheap private coins for 2018, because he knows, 2018 will be mostly like private coins year. what would he do ?

remember, G20 dont even know what exactly private coins are. They dont understand the meaning by far.

So what to do to get em cheap ?


If anyone thinks, G20 can ban private coins, you are delusional. plebs, not all major exchanges are on G20 terrority. nobody can ban PRIVATE COINS DUMB FUCKS !

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Monero is where Bitcoin was five years ago. The reserve currency of the dark web. Two crypto-currencies that are guaranteed to survive are BTC and XMR. As they are established. The other cryptos might be better. But it is like languages. English is here to stay, no matter if Esperanto is superior.


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Not a rumor OP lawmakers are discussing this.

Hold on to your ass for the G20 meeting


doesn't matter if you personally fall for it or not
you are stupid if you hold when it falls

Monero, Dash and ZCash have been on regulators lips frequently enough ("tumblers" even have been". They know about their features and the benefits such tech provides for criminal activity. There will never be a full ban, but if you believe that off-ramps and verification will not be more tightly controlled for such coins and any other privacy coins you are delusional. Keep in mind that regulators are targeting "crime" and money-laundering, not the average investor.

By restricting off ramps out of any coin with intrinsic privacy features they will be achieving just that. The due diligence will be pushed to exchanges, audits and oversight to third party agencies. However of course, circumvention will be possible and quite easy (decentralized exchanges, p2p trading, laundering constructions). But the top privacy coins, currently trading on markets which have a close relation with the countries holding the G20 will take an absolute beating once on the price once drafts have been announced. For some exchanges it will also be easier to delist these coins than to deal with the regulatory structures that are bound be signed into law.

Buy them before they become a private coin (STYX).

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>Two crypto-currencies that are guaranteed to survive are BTC and XMR.

this is my portfolio strat. btc and xmr that's it.

due diligence in its current form is complete bullshit but this does not mean it wont be ramped up more. KYC is a business killer but it doesnt stop the ptb fucking everyone over with it.
Its about absolute control over the populace and scalping the plebs of their hard earned money.

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this is same like CHINA FUD, china going to ban crypto !!!! all cryed and panic sold, just to hear later it was only a joke !

When is this g20 shannanigans hapening?

July 7

Bull run postponed until July 8

when is G20?

Ofcourse they can't ban it but they can ban it from some centralized exchanges and this would affect the price negatively. Remember that crypto investors don't think rationally. Also holding privacycoins really isn't smart because they have no new partnerships etc. Like that to announce so there really isn't any hype to look forward. Yes they do have usecase but price comes from speculation and monero users are really small niche. So the risks outweight the possible reward when holding privacycoins nowadays.

Fuck off Romano.

>what is shapeshift
>what are atomic swaps
You can never ban these coins. Unless governments go against shapeshift or websites that offer atomic swaps, these privacy coins will always have value.

They can ban it but they cant stop the use of it. They can ban it making it a hassle to convert to anything other than on a decentralized exchange or underground. If its underground what is the benefit apart from sending 2 people digital assets anonymously in a loop? it has no other use if you cannot convert, spend or use it

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No they can't ban them but they can make them harder to get and every normie will dump them when they get banned and price will plummet.

explain how you "cannot spend or use it" just because a government bans it. let's hear your fantasy scenario.

>ethereum and zilliqa are talking about zk-snarks
>even btc can be used in a way hard to trace

It's a fake panic imo.

This right here.
Monero is on every serious Veeky Forumsnessmans radar.

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that wouldnt solve any of the concerns in which a private coin creates though

if its only use is to send to another person anonymously and it has no other utility what is the point? assuming the world bans it and its illegal to use it. hardly a fantasy

What are the best zk snarks coin atm? Pivx? Zcash? Zcoin?

These coins, their team and projects overall are resilient and anti-fragile in nature. Government intervention actually makes their use cases stronger. However, the price is irrelevant to the tech and the development. Privacy can be guaranteed just as perfectly at 0.01$ as 100$, or 1000$+. Think as these coins as privacy layers, not wealth storage or universal payment methods until decentralized exchanges do take off. Until then, investing in any privacy coin with a significant share of your portfolio is a bad deal.

ZCash > Komodo > ZCoin > ZClassic > Pivx

Beware of glowinthedark niggers tho.
Here is a good/must read for all concerned:
tl;dr: some fags will and probably have and will try to have their backdoors in blockchains.

indeed as you anticipated my next point of where the value lay if they were outlawed. I like privacy coins but until they have more utility other than digital units I think they may prove a bad deal. The moral aspect of them remains sound nevertheless.

PIVX and Zcoin are based on Zerocoin.

Zcash is based on Zerocash that's basically Zerocoin 2.0.

Zerocash uses zk-snarks which is a type of zero knowledge proofs. Zerocoin also uses zero knowledge proofs.

If the websites are hosted with SHIFT they can't ban anything

Should we tether up before g20?

Surely the expectation of DEX would apply a consistent buy pressure?

When it comes to DEX's I would expect buy pressure on those actual DEX projects as they reach maturity. Once the storm regarding privacy tokens has blown over, then I would expect buy pressure and a bullish sentiment. Since trade now falls outside of any form of regulation, speculation once again can move in without outside meddling from centralized exchanges, third parties or authorities. But before that happens, DEX's will need to take off, right now liquidity and orderbooks on almost all DEX's are shit.

What I don't get is how stupid most people are. The scientist who created zk-snarks and is adopted by JP Morgan and A LOT of privacy coins is still in the zcash team. Why would you buy an a coin with untested technology without the mastermind behind it? Are you mad??

ZCash is open source, you can fork the code without needing the team behind it. You can even take on any future upgrades, implement great features from other projects which ZCash is not willing to adopt. You're basically playing with a toolbox full of endless features.

> The beauty of open source projects.

But most of them are shitcoins with devs too incompetent to be able to handle incorporating changes from upstream along with integrating their own things.

What most don't realise is privacy is life or death in some cases. Real players won't trust anything that is created by some kids with 5 years of programming experience

If you think the exchanges in the G20 territory banning privacy coins wouldn't destroy their valuation you're a dumb boi.

Yeah. And it's not just about their competency. You want to use the most popular one as the point is for you to not stick out, to hide in a crowd.

It's hard to be hidden if you're literally the only person using Zclassic's z-transactions even if the tech works otherwise.

>If you think the exchanges in the G20 territory banning >>privacy

Cloak coin shhhhhhhhh

>G20 dont even know what exactly private coins are. They dont understand the meaning by far.

Yeah you probably know more than a lot of those people tim kek

Btcp Zcash and monero are the only 3 worth mention

only monero is fully private.

monero is the only privacy coin

Monero is private, the rest aren't

Shapeshift works with law enforcement. This is public knowledge. I still don't think they can do shit about Monero though. Anyone have the leaked DoD memo about it?

>not investing in Monero forks

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Actually zcash and btcp are way more secure than xmr all of you are just fangirling over monero like everyone else, somebody has to say it MONERO IS PILE OF SHIT AND NOT COMPLETELY PRIVATE , there i said it dont get triggered


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He's a soyboy with a twitter account whats your point


lmao how heavy are these bags pajeet

i saw that and instantly sold all my z
i love zero-knowledge tech but zcash is trash

still waiting for a proof of witness based coin that uses recursive zksnarks

This right here is the most obvious soon-to-be moon mission. It's endorsed by fluffy ffs. Don't say i didn't warned you

shut the fuck up faggot i'm still accumulating

Well is an indirect fork of zcash and it has all the privacy futures built-in, the privacy market is huge and theres no more than 5 coins aiming to privacy and btcp is part of it now

Why would I want Monero if I want a privacy coin? I ain't using no privacy coin that isn't run over TOR by default.

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hahahahahahaaha verge is fucking dog shit

So private yet has a richlist

Also Monero has Kovri, get out with your dogshit privacy fork.

Only two relevant privacy coins are ZEC and XMR at the moment. Zcash hides transactions and monero mixes your transactions with others and redistributes it. Which means monero is not truly anonymous

>he doesn't know what fungibility is
>he thinks banning an asset affects it's value rather than simply liquidity

Tor will be obsolete once Kovri is released.

>just take Bitcoin and slap a Tor client over the wallet and it becomes private
can't believe people actually fell for that scamcoin
As far as I'm aware ring signatures are cryptographically sound and privacy is enabled by default. 95% of ZCash transactions don't use the opt-in privacy features leaving most of the chain transparent and vulnerable to analysis. XMR offers better privacy in practice, private transactions on Monero don't stand out like the odd private transaction on ZCash does

haha it's funny because you couldn't even explain how TOR functions, let alone get into the weeds of how optional privacy will never equate to real privacy.

how many rupees is rajesh sharing with you for posting here?

The opt-in privacy is not THAT bad, the founders reward and ZK-Snark parameter ceremony however is (and Zookoo). Both ring signatures and ZK-Snarks do have their place in crypto, and it may be possible that at some point we will arrive at some hybrid in between beast; of fungible, yet opt-in totally secure ring signatures, or something which even transcends that. Hell, Monero was even considering ZK-STarks for a moment if they weren't that computation intensive. So as much hate ZCash gets, I wouldn't be so quick to dismiss the actual cryptography behind the currency. We may still be very far away from an actual PERFECT fungible Monero or cryptocurrency.