Was it all a meme

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crypto is a meme.. and it seems like u fell for it.

( i fell for it too. dont feel too bad)

what would stop the bleeding

there are alternatives

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what is going on

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i legit believe in this fucking dump coin

they have a lot of dapps coming out in the next 2 months and a pretty solid team...but their marketing sucks

legit long term hold imo

B-but m-m-muh ICOs are going to pump this coin!! B-b-b-ut m-m-uh Korean exchange listing!!
Newsflash fags, the ICO bubble has popped and ICOs are heavily being cracked down on right now, that shit is not going to pump it. The next generation of ICOs are security tokens, most of the current ICOs are probably going to get fucked.

korean government legalized ICOs

I got gooked

The thing is, even if it's shit, even if it was an overpriced diaper, even if the bubble has popped, at some point it becomes good enough to buy it again. When the fuck is that? Can't get baited into buying it too soon to average losses.

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ask 8ball

fucking piece of shit

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y-you're beautiful user

Why are good coins like this Req and link that get rekt the most

Fucking normies

I used to read word up magazine

cause devs try to make it work instead of making as much money as possible in a short time by shilling it

shout out to swissfaggot and his holy mission to make his minions poor

You are all a bunch of motherfucking retards. This aint no fantisy land where everything you put your money into is gonna go bull forever, fucking w8 untill we start going green god damn it, whining little bitches

Yes, does it take you to be down 90% before you realise it's a meme