Cash-grab videogames ?

Cash-grab videogames ?

So while trying to figure out what to do to for money I started browsing steamspy. And I put some seemingly low-ambition and unimpressive titles. Many of these seemed to still reach insane owner numbers that make no sense whatsoever (to me).

Take this silly pigeon meme bullshit game for instance. 'Hatoful boyfriend'.

It was released late 2014 and has a lifetime owner count of 315k. That is absolutely crazy (but then again, steam is a global platform, and kids nowadays love their vidya). Now the game sells for 9.99 which leads us to the grand total gross return of around 3 million.

How in gods cock is that possible? It's not, is it? Am I doing something wrong? Because if I'm not doing anything wrong with my math here I think I just discovered the trick to becoming absurdly wealthy.

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steam sales. I got my copy for like $1. plus this comes standard on alot of weeb humble bundles. I doubt it made over $500 thousand

minus 30%, 60% if it has a publisher.

That's said it's probably still profitable to make quick shit games to sell on steam. After I'm done with the fan game I'm on, I'll try to do one.

It's harder to think of the concept than you'd expect, and as someone else said it didn't make a ridiculous unthinkable amount of money.

The real way of making huge money is if you can successfully think of the next big genre e.g. minecraft and pubg. No competitors means you'll get a gorillion sales, I think pubg is at 40 million despite being absolute shit in every aspect but the concept.

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Look up wincest games like Big Brother, Summertime Saga. They make 20k+ a month from their patreons it's pretty cool. My dick loves it too.

I know one company called winged cloud was making at least $150,000 per year, mostly through an associated patreon page at their peak, but they closed off their $/month analytics

Interesting. And a good point. Is there any way to get a hold of that info?

Tbh even if it made 100k that's very impressive to me. I'm certain I could shit out a better game in two month, probably less time even. If that game then goes to pull in 100k over the next 3.5 years that's 28k per year. After jew tax and production costs for art/whatever we're left with... I don't know 12k per year? Passively?

Okay that's not quite that much anymore but it's still worthwhile if you take it seriously. The very low time/money investment required to produce the game makes this quie attractive. No wonder so many weirdos, sjw's and mentally ill queer losers get into game development.

This game, if you actually play it, is pretty damn good. Got in at the right time as well. It's polished as well.

>I don't know 12k per year? Passively?
For one game shat in two months. Then you begin to make more and more...
I say it has potential.

Personally I'm in more for the passion than the money, but passion doesn't pay bills, that's why I'm even considering steam in the first place, because otherwise valve can positionally go fuck themselves.

concept is easy as fuck
getting it off the ground is the hard part
pubg is essentially day z minus the zombies and with a dedicated engine

can't find an all-in-one, but this website tracks historical prices.
if you were feeling autistic, you could cross reference it with store volume and get a rough average price.

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Game market is saturated as hell. Unless you can make something unique and good you'll be drowned in 1000s other indie games.

Indie games are like memes. There's a lot of shit but sometimes someone strikes gold and it spreads around. It doesn't even have to be well made or good in any way. It's like when soyjack happened - some user wanted to draw a "better" version of wojack and completely butchered the whole point of why wojack became a meme in the first place.
Of course, it became its own meme, but thats just how it goes.

I was a Steam developer before I turned into crypto. Protip: You wont make a single cent in today's market.

Steamspy numbers are not real. They count owners as anything, including games obtained from keys and bundles.

One of my games has aroud 90k owners in Steamspy and sells for 9.9 dollars. How much do you think I've made, near 100k?

No, the answer is, I made around 3k after 2 years of work, and I did not make a shitty game, just an average game.

Also I was super into the local indie scene and know lots of guys, those that actually put even more effort into their games and only released them after 1 or 2 years after me got completly fucked, especially after Greenlight closed and the flood gates were open.

All of them went bankrupt after their games failed to make even 500$. And I'm talking about games that had lots of engaged followers in Twitter, some even had a successful Kickstarter, a couple even had deals with Sony and MS.

Games was the place for making money around 6 or 5 years ago. Forget it now.

that's some harsh truths you're sharing here user. but if that were true and it's really so bad, why would new games keep popping up like weeds? Surely it can't be that bad...

Excuse me experienced redditspacer but to me it sounds more like you invested more than you had to.
You if you make shit game, don't spend a dime on production. Foor an average game, if you're an indie coming out of nowhere? That would be pretty much the same. No one knows you, you have no past experience/success, then it's a risky investment, you have to be aware of this, and reading you it's apparent none of you were.

Then comes the pricing. What makes you believe any of these games were actually worth $10? In a flooded market with absolutely nothing to set you apart from the others, you have the gal to charge full price.

Then you come crying your game don't sell.
Here's the secret, the game in OP's post, it was already successful before coming to steam.

You fags bite more than you could chew. Let me remind you you're nothing special. The only thing you're entitled to is failure, and to get away from that you need to make good choices, one of which is to properly value your game, and going from the fact it's a digital only nothing no one care about, that value is $0.
Now taking that into account you should understand people would be nice the even pay anything for that; that why you never go past $5 for selling your shit game. And that's only if you invested something to produce it.

Theres almost no barriers to entry for making video games.
And theres plenty of people who want to try, either because they love playing them or it seems like easy money or the countless vidya dev degrees being memed by shameless educational companies.

I'm not crying the game did not sell. Back then I was making a game to make money, but part of me also wanted to make it as a game developer, it was disappointing ok.

When I released Steam was not flooded as now. If released my game now instead of 3 years ago, I would probably make less than $200.

However if your idea is making a game as cheap and fast as possible, that was an ok business model sometime ago, but nowadays lol, it wont work.

Specially because now the barrier to anyone doing the same is zero, Steam now works same as the mobile app stores. In Android and iOS hundreds of games are released everyday, its literally impossible to have any sucess with either a big effort game or a fast shit game there.

The game in OP post is an outlier. Same as goat simulator, etc. For each game like this there are 10000 failed meme games.

Its fags like you that think they have any chance of making something before they even tried.

If you're so confident that It's the flooded market boogeyman that's responsible for your faillure, why don't you post store link so we can be humbled?

Until then I'll maintain what I said, your game didn't make money because you overestimated yourself.

>For each game like this there are 10000 failed meme games

I have to say though user, I've been looking at visual novels in the $2-$7 range, without focusing on any metrics like 'top rated' or 'most played' or whatever... and they all seem do fine. some well, some below fine, but none really terrible. even if we multiply the end figure of owners * ( 0.5 * price ) by 0.25 to account for bullshittery and plain bad luck, they often net around $1k-$2k a month gross over the span that they've been published. sometimes significantly more, but never really that much less.

what am I doing wrong? where's all the shit games that make no money on steam? link some please, i really mean it.

when i do research like this, i always try to do 'worst case scenario' type of research.

Revealing your identity in Veeky Forums, really a great idea thank you.

And no, its not a boogyman, but real numbers, currently more games are released per day in Steam than per year before, but alas your only argument is "yeah, everyone else is a moron, ofc I will do better", so no point discussing this further.

Visual novels is a separate niche, can stiill be profitable if it is good. 1k or 2k per month is of course an achievable value in Steam with enough work. What is not realistic is what OP suggested, making half a million from meme games.

I already told you you're nothing special.
Now you're just proving how dumb you are since you're even reluctant of any publicity.
Making money clearly isn't your field. Some people are just better suited as wagecucks.

You're not making any points with your "real numbers" if you throw out of the window every other factors like the price/quality relation of the product.

You're right there is no point "discussing" this further since you think you're entitled to success. I bet you never ever blame yourself for your failures.

bump for actual business discussion
what genre was your game?
average play length?
if you're not going to share the actual game name etc, then explain it without giving away too much

I remember that game. VNs get successful off of stupid premises all the time, as long as they execute them well presumably.

Sucks about your game man, I can sympathize, but you're coming across as pretty salty desu. Just because you've had a bad experience doesn't necessarily mean that this is now the standard.

Thing is, "indie" does not always mean what people think it does. A lot of people assume it's a couple of people developing their own little thing in their garage or whatever, or collaborating on discord. But most of the successful projects are done in an actual studio, where people work full time making the indie games. The point is to make a fast turnover rather than a AAA title which will take years.
The other successful indie devs I know are actually people currently working in those same AAA studios who then collaborate together and make their own thing on the side. And a small amount of successful indie games are made by people who are essentially doing passion projects, or individuals who are branching out on their own beyond an already established career.

TL;DR - you're salty because you are underestimating your competition.

Only streamerbait games sell these days