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Hopefully they will start pumping ETH on poloniex again.

Yeap. You’re right user.

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how the fuck is this a bad thing you fucking idiots

they will short it 1000x leverage since shorting is cheaper btc to 2k in 2 weeks

actually its ironic u fucktards

Newfag spotted

I know right, only illiterate billionaires retards believe this shit. This Billionaries are incredibly stupid and like losing money.
How retarded.

Yeah man, also this ICO stuff, they are all fucking scams. Why would you let ordinary people invest in them when it makes no sense and blockchain is a glorified excel spreadsheet? Fucking crazy.
I totally agree in passing laws only allowing accredited investors to lose money in these scams, this venture capitalists are retarded anyway and are a laughing stock for us smart degreed people.

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Forgot pic related.

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literally impossible

Yeah, fucking deluded Barclays coiners, how fcking retarded

teeka that mutherfucker nailed it.

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I know right, this Barclays /Coinbase partnership is a total joke especially considering the green light from the UK regulator. It’s clearly a sign crypto is over ,only retards can’t see it.

I know user, this shit is going to 0. It was Bloomberg too. Only these Barclays amateurs along with these Goldman Sacks retards are investing in this shit .
Truly retarded.

The funny thing is XLM is backed by Wells Fargo and Hyperledger.
When will these deluded Lumies learn?

Yeah, I know, the delusion of Goldman Sachs, Barclays and the likes is saddening.

I don’t know man. It seems there’s a delusion epidemic amongst these super massive banks and venture capitalists. I think they’re 4chaners actually, they must be in order to be this retarded investing in glorified spreadsheets although it’s very typical of such institutions and people to liking losing money.

Soon ven fiat pairing on poloniex.
Jim breyer is investor in circle.
Then ven fiat pairing in Japan.
Then China.

Chad confirmed.

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n1 hahah


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Yessssss goys finally realized they are dumb cattle!!! Yes!!

How is this FUD?

This reminds me a lot of what was happening in June-July 2017 before the huge November bubble formed.

This is not FUD. It’s me talking to myself being IRONIC to try to show how FUCKING RETARDED these FUDDERS ( paid and unpaid ) are. Even more retarded are those who believe them.

By the way, Hillary has 90% chance of winning the Election. You've ben warned.

The best way to enforce this is to go after the buyers. I'm tired of all those misogynistic drumpf supporters in the year 2018 not paying for Jamal Jr.'s child support.

Can't wait for President Warren when photo ID registration of wallets will be mandatory.

Unironically I think you're not being ironic in suggesting that the OP posted that picture to unironically be ironic.

i don't get it

this is laying the foundation for big institutional money to enter the space. this will be the catalyst for the 2018 bull run

Yeah this is good news long term but short term (this year) prices will continue to bleed, 50/200ma death cross in a few days be realistic, buy back in the summer when btc bounces on 3k

there will be no "big" institutional money
are you retarded?
the market is too small for that bc your marketcap is bullshit
do you think the "smart money" will inflate your funnymoneytokens by 100x?
protipp, if you did'nt know it before, you are NOT smartmoney
they give their normie customers a chance to get ripped by their fees and commisions, that is all
you are only a normie who knows about kucoin, that is all

to expand this further:
why is there no big influx in pennystocks from institutional money? hm?
because its the same scam as 99% of crypto


If you had a brain you would know why.




its a subtle kek friend. chad usually sports a certain kind of hairstyle, seek deeply and you shall find your answer.

Because pennystocks are regulated and can't be PnD'd or manipulated by whales?

>penny stocks can't be manipulated and PnD'ed

That's actually the entire point of penny stocks.