Finally, I have seen the lite

Finally, I have seen the lite.

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Is this the light everyone talks about seeing when they die? Must be, since I'm pretty sure everyone holding this already killed themselves when it went sub-$200.

Charlie Lee is a con artist and LTC is a scamcoin.

My child you shall prosper

Charlie Lee promoted Litepay... then when litepay was a flopping disaster Charlie Lee said that he never promoted litepay... lying chink nigger Lee

WTF is Abra? How is that going to moon LTC?

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When you see LTC is 4000$ some time this year ask that question

Welcome, brother. We are happy to have you.

Meanwhile, in fucking REALITY

LTC has been on a steady decline for 7 months and his headed for 100 land...

Literally forgot this coin exists

so you have no idea what abra is?

rubbish it December everything was up .... At the moment everything is going against the cryptos
more regulations
reluctance from bi players to advertise
ICO bans
not exactly the free market
so of course everyone is shit scared!
I am holding on dude!!!
But litecoin has been steady it rises slower and its drops are slower....
Compare the market with this time last year!!!!

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>r/litecoin talks

I dont see any reason to kill myself - LITCOIN lost less during the bear market then BTC - and is up 20% comapred to the BTC $ Value since 1/1/2018

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Do you feed yourself with Sats?

It’s going to be epic.


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You won't make it user.
>Forgot 'the easiest gains in the next 90days' existed

Turbo brainlet detected. You won't make it user

>see the Lite

Everybody knows its going to happen, but nobody knows could be months, it could be years

Why is this shitcoin so stable?! Seems more stable eveb than bitcoin

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4000$ by end of fall

it was the first coin to come out after bitcoin
it has some of the lowest transaction fees ($0.02 on a $500 trade for example)
the technology is just better than bitcoin in every way

Why does black skin look like a different texture than the others'?

So is it safe to buy in now or is it gonna take another huge nose dive?

do not buy in yet