Honest question. What do boobs feel like? I've never touched one...

Honest question. What do boobs feel like? I've never touched one. Sometimes I want to grab random women's tits in public and run very fast. Like in the mall. I'm in pretty good shape and could easily out run any security guard. I run about 8 km three times a week.

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Feel your own. They feel like that.

They're sacks of fat, OP. You see something similar in the mirror every morning.

Really depends.

they feel soft and tasty

Bags of sand

Like fine bags of sand.

Like I touched my ass but it didn't feel soft. Does a Bob feel like an ass?

kel LARP or srs?
maybe what could come close, is if you take for example a bag of spagetthi and put it in a plastic bag, keep the spaghetti little warm, close the plastic bad, and proceed to touch

it feels like a balloon filled with water


Like a burlap sack filled with coarse gravel

Have you ever held a ferret? Like that but minus the fur

They feel fucking great.
Probably the closest approximation.

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>I've never touched one

You touched your mums boobs when you were hungry

just feels like flab. grab your muffin top and find out

Like salty milk and coins


Get a Busty Aichan

It's not worth it OP. It feels like LINK bags

Just go to a strip club fag, they feel like jello

They all feel a little different. They have a thick layer of fat and layers of other stuff deeper in there that feels a little different. Every girl has different firmness and feel

>It feels like LINK bags
So, big and heavy?

Thanks just bought 100k

Boobs by themselves don't feel that special imo. But it combination with the nipples they're awesome.


Take a ballon, fill it with sand and squeeze. 100% exactly like a real boob. It's actually what they use for implants too!

God I fucking love boobs

We need to put boobs on the blockchain