10 hours

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pump to 10K?

>TaX in id

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It will be glorious


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Paid $12k in taxes two days ago. Comfy watching you fags go to jail.

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Reminder that this Wall Street larper has been posting these retarded countdowns for two months with zero actual predictions, and they never culminate in anything. Ignore and sage.

I'm just larping nothing will happen most probably

a few have been spot on actually
not gonna lie this pepe legit makes me nervous

Spot on with what? Post evidence, and "the price went down a bit" doesn't count

Hinted about the dumpening to $6,000. I guess this frog is related to Japanese whale.

I am actually just larping you retards. Doing this as a social experiment to prove how fucking stupid you guys are by putting faith in someone posting pictures of cartoon frogs in suits on a mongolian horsebreeding forum

>"joke's on you guys, I was just pretending to be retarded"
Fuck this board

your reverse psychology won't work on us we know something will happen in 10 hours

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Oh, by the way. Watch LINK tonight.

The previous scam ico is spot on

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Why is several anons saying link will happen tonight?

>Gets told that he's being deceived by the deceiver
>Still believes deceiver is being honest
Jesus christ

Ok biz ill give you a little help here my neet friends. Btc is dumping and will continue to dump for a veeerz long time, its been dumping hard ever since the futures avec been in place ? Why ? Because this market is bullshit and the pumps are caused by bots created by whales to pump the price and sell their coins at a higher price, this is called SPOOFING. So what wallstreet and any qualified finance guy sees is an opportunity to do CASH AND CARRY ( google is your friend). So you go short on the futures and long on the exchanges buying coins, then when the time for the fixing is near you dump your coins on the exchanges at an ok profit, however since the liquidity is shit and bots will not buy your bags what ends up happening is that you selling your coins at this time causes panic and a mass sellof. you then make money on your futures short. voila

Dude at least ya told the tards. fuck em