Slaps your gf's ass

>Slaps your gf's ass
What you gonna do?

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Dump her

Hes a fag, so he wouldnt.

slap his teeth out

knock him out cold.

That'll be 0.0012 Btc sir

He likes cock... So, I wouldn't be worried at all. I mean.. Cause if you hit him... Wouldn't that technically be hitting a woman??

>insults your wii 12 years ago
>now this
ps triple super computer to 51% your blockchain when

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Is that him when he was younger?

I bet he was shorting bitcoin and just got liquidated.

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>He predicted a price above 8.4k if we broke 8.4
so this is the power of Elliot waves

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he knows who pumped the fucking coin. And is setting up people to get liquidated. It is a trap

Literally everyone ....umm no comment.

Guage his eyes out with a paper clip

punch his spleen
my gf needs to feel safe

If we break $12k we will definitely be at $12k or above.

How can we hire a hitman anonymously to torture and kill this faggot?

I can donate 20 BTC+

Possible bullish scenario to 15k is on the table IF AND ONLY IF we break above 15k.

Or a "hate crime". Lose/Lose situation

Could you stop posting this crack head face every fucking day on Veeky Forums?

grab it by the neck/throat and throw it towards the next window

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literally rip his head off