Need a laptop for trading, what do you guise use?

I'm currently on a shitty low-def-screen (1366x768) HP Pavilion G6, and I realized I'm not even getting the normal interface available to me on GDAX because the screen estate is tiny.
What do you guise use? I'm probably going to stick with tried/tested brands like Dell or HP, just not sure what model to go for.
HP Elitebook? Dell XPS? Latitude?
Thinkpads have shitty resolution afaik.
And what resolution should I aim for?
I don't need something brand-new, I'm probably going to buy a used model off Ebay and put a new SSD in there. Couple of gens old is fine as long as the screen is decent and it can run Ubuntu.

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Dell precision is god-tier

Ibm has a nice mobile workstation too

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I'm using a normal desktop when at home and few years old acer aspire when not at home

checking them out now. recommend a model pls, user.

good ol macbook pro

I got the ThinkPad 13 (gen 2). I can recommend it. It's pretty cheap in the USA, not so much where I'm from.

I have an Inspiron 15 7559 for a laptop(reasonably high end) for regular use, and one of these things stuck under my desk running RHEL and doing my data collection and processing my algorithms:

Fuck putting it up in the cloud and giving my shekels to Amazon when I can get a 2TB box for $300

$150 thinkpad off ebay

HP Omen.

Memeing aside, are there any with non-gay screen resolution?

just get a hardware wallet

>a hardware wallet will help me trade crypto on gdax with a better interface

Yes. There are 15"/14" Thinkpads w/ 1080P resolution nowadays.

Cool. I'm not really anti or pro Chinkpad. If they meet the standard, then I'm on board.
2bh the Dell Precisions have got me very interested, especially considering I've always had good experiences with Dells previously.

The resolution is good anyway I don't know what you mean but there are others with 'normal' resolution

>I don't know what you mean
I mean my current resolution is 1366x768 which can't even display the "full" GDAX interface. I only found this out yesterday when I helped my little bro get on GDAX and because his screen is decent, he got a full-blown interface.
I was just looking for an excuse to sell this 2012 crap anyway.

Get Dell XPS.

Gen 2+.

Thinkpad. Best keyboards ever.

Macbook pro retina 13"

Anything but the gay overpriced appleshit

Using a chromebook, cheap, fast and can trade everywhere and anytime. Turning that thing on takes 5 seconds and got 12 hours batterylife

This. Get a thinkpad x220. Awesome removable and upgradable batteries

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what's the resolution on that
actually in the past, i have looked at this and the x1 carbon, so yeah added to the list

Hello Pajeet. Getting late for you guys isn't it?

what does pajeetery have to do with Thinkpads? Pajeets probably do everything on their $15 androids.

DOn't get HP with AMD

it overheats damagins the hdd

Thanks man, noted. I was less keen on HP 2bh, considering I know the faults of this current HP Pavilion I have.
Gravitating towards Dell Precision/XPS or Thinkpad X series at this point.

>Dell XPS
>Any of Xiaomi's lines

Any other option is scam

Specially HP notebooks. Shit, in my family there's been at least 4 of them since 2009 and all have sucked dick. Then again, haven't used a Chromebook yet. But it sure looks gay af tbqh famalam

Every Pajeet is handed a thinkpad on his 18th birthday to signify that he is now a man.

He will then go on to be an incompetent DBA, and cause problems for software developers across the world

I'm a programmer by trade, and I'm glad they aren't, even if they make shit programmers, we'd be fucked in the West if all those street shitting fuckers were hireable by some fucking Jew in Palo Alto.

That just means ThinkPads are bang for buck on any price range, actually, from link holder to chad