Nasdaq Vs Bitcoin ---- Have you been shilled???

Nasdaq Vs Bitcoin ---- Have you been shilled???

Yes assholes. You got fucked on the "crypto wave" more like crypto rape. While you assholes heard somebody talk about a "new digital currency" "ITS GONNA BLOW" you fucking douchebags watched the magicians hand instead of his foot where the entire trick is happening.. you got SHILLED BY THE MAINSTREAM MEDIA. YES. Tell me... why havent you heard anybody saying HODL NASDAQ? OR HODL CRUDE OIL.. its alright.. its totally okay. You lost your shirt "Investing" in crypto like everyone else on this website... its a new dawn.. you woke up this morning thinking of a better way to get rich quick.. well too Godamn bad! You invested in the wrong shit. Congrats. Youve been shilled by mainstream media...

Bitcoin = the most successful global SHILLING in history

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Holy fuck, x3??? In ONLY 7 years???

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Way more consistant than Btc, and you can trade higher leveraged positions in this market with less risk.. and its only going one way... FOREVER.

What are you talking about OP? I bought Bitcoin at $500, I made a killing. Way better returns than the stock market would ever give me. Also USD is the biggest ponzi scheme known to mankind. Buy precious metals.

Lol.... wojacks

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I know this method is controversial around here, but I buy low and sell high. I know Veeky Forums is well known for buying high and selling low, but I believe my method brings better returns.

You bought bitcoin at 500$ and pulled out early on a teeny tiny trade.. you didnt make shit.

Nah I sold most of my position early December. Also stop namefagging retard

"Buy low, sell high" do you really think banks will let you do this everytime??? Show earnings report on that strategy pls

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lol, this is why DGD will be the most valued coin of all time by far. Literally ties precious metals to a quick immutable source... fucking brilliant.

>he thinks i'm an americuck
Unlike your nanny state mine doesn't tax me on every trade I do.

But is PMs go down, that coin goes down also.... and no gold does not correlate with crypto unless the coin has pegged a metal

Anybody who knows anything in americuck trades with an offshore broker to avoid taxes

>unless the coin has pegged a metal
Oh, you mean like the use coin for DGD which is tied to exactly 1 oz of gold? Oh okay. So.. this crypto does then? Sweet, guess I'm buying more lmao


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>Each coin is backed by the equivalent of ~$50 of gold.
>Price of coin: $415

Seems like a deal. Just bought 100k.

One coin equals one GRAM of the yellow stuff. Unknown % gold too. Worth like $50 for a token worth $400

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They say its BASED off spot gold price. Not Pegged to it. They can decouple them at anytime and you will be shitting yourself in a corner so hard it will go up your back

Just buy gold with bitcoin

Nice try kike. I've been investing since the 1990s. I remember the dotcom crash, black Tuesday as a kid, the GFC, all that bullshit. All markets dump. And much of Veeky Forums were here before your kike propaganda machine got here. You want a cheap entry price? This is as low as you'll be getting it. Know what I did today? Bought more. It goes lower, I buy more.

Me too user. Ya know the funniest part? I've been using my crypto profits to buy other assets - stocks, metals, bonds etc. Including stock in all the financial institutions getting into cryptos. These paid Goldman Sachs kikes are getting very tedious with their transparent FUD attempts - and technically I'm one of the people they're trying to increase shareholder value for! Good for us user, means they've got big plans in store for the next bubble, we're going to clean up.

"It goes lower, i buy more." Love it shill yourself

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Goldman pays employees retirement plans with their shares.. thats why they boost value dumbass its called a "lock up"

Extreme fucking retards that can't research for more than 5 seconds