Capitulation is starting

Fcking beautiful to see people giving up left and right. Normies have been totally rekkt, especially those who invested at/near the top.

I'm telling you about one thing shrimps. Get in good coins. Coins that will be running on platforms like circle and FIAT/X pairings. Institutional investors are going to invest in those coins not your cancer pajeet coin who is on a DEX or on binance LOL.


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The one good thing about this dump has been the purge of normies. Veeky Forums was full of plebbit scum during December, and I'm delighted they've all fucked off desu

normies still don't understand btc in 2018, what makes you think your shitcoin 7165153 will get any media attention?

Is NEO safe? I-it's j-just a dip right?

Way too early faggot.

You need to wait until after acceptance stage.

>my money is in great projects

TFW I bought at $130

>Institutional investors

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i think neo is the best choice when the correction is over. even if we go sideways for months

so what are you guys doing to keep yourselves occupied? this market is killing me
finished 3 games already


working my ass off to put it all in at 4-6k, what else

Trying to scam people of their money the old fashioned way - a mobile app startup. Even if I fail at least I can put start up founder in my resume as I wage cuck waiting for my shitcoins to moon

BTC and XMR are the only two legit projects out there. Anything else is either
>an outright scam
>not decentralized
>useless, as in the tokens tied to the project have no use and no inherit value

what in the holy...dat candle kek

Go look at job listings. Search for "Solidity developer" or just "Blockchain developer".

Oh look at that, big companies (mainly banks, insurance, finance related) frantically hiring people to get into this shit. I'm sure they have 0 use cases though, and the 200k+ salary packages are just for the lols.

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Kek smart contracts are what ALL the big guys are really interested in. So better add Eth to that as well.

That's it. Get ready for the dip of your lifetime. This time we're not stopping at 6k.

What caused this insane candle? Did any news drop?'s a green candle brainlet. But yeah sure, quickly short! On 100x! GOGOGO!!

Replace BTC with BCH and we have a deal

Remember guys: what just happened is exactly what I've been pointing out for days now.

The BitMEX cartel controls BTC prices.

Whenever Bitcoin is moving sideways for more than a couple hours, the next movement it will make is whichever will liquidate more people. Does BTC look super fucking bearish and has been standing still for days? Long it.

It is you who is a brainlet. After this "bull run" to 8,6K comes the plunge. Screen cap this.

Fuck yourself with a red hot poker Bitmain.

What "bull run"? It's one candle - I'm just finding you fucks tedious thinking that every fucking thing is MOON or 0. You're fucking cancerous newfag scum. You need to be hunted down and raped by aids niggers.

This is actually pretty cool.

I don't consider ETH decentralized because the ETH foundation or Vitalik can just rollback the network whenever they feel like it.

If you have BCH it's time to get out now.

Yep. This 100x. BitMEXicans are fucking trash.

I don't carry BCH - it's the worst shitcoin around. Nice article though, thanks.

IDGAF if you think it is or not. Fact is its more decentralized than BTC with Jihan able to 51% it at any time. And Eth rejected EIP867, and all suggestions to roll back since the DAO went under (and I agree, that was a mistake). Moneyskelly seems to regret that though, and has blocked any more attempts to do the same.

That's just common sense. What the fuck does it have to do with BM?

It's common sense that whales are painting charts, getting the Twitter/TradingView TA fags to get people liquidated on high leverage?

Why do you think there is a massive amount of shilling of BitMEX on here, Telegram, Twitter, etc recently.

Also BitMEX swap prices are affecting the spot market, which is absolutely retarded



Problem they have is they are getting too obvious with manipulation out of greediness. Normies, TAs sense manipulation. Bad for them, kek.

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Very nice, if you mean the game

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Lmao literally got a fucking email from promoting a BitMEX shill article just now

With jews, you win.

dump while you got the chance. this shit is going to 1k easily. the store of value meme has been exposed and no one is buying anymore.

i can't get this shit working for mac osx .. i literally just bought it last week at GOG thinking it would work. rip. :(

>Solidity developer"
> "Blockchain developer".

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of course they have a use for the tech
but no one has a use for your funnymoneytokens you retard
make sense?
you are the normie who got the hot potato at bottom of the pyramid
you think you hand it to the "smart money" (protipp: you are not the smart money) ?

you are in for a bad surprise

hey buddy
listen to me
listen very carefully
im not
even if this shit goes to zero
even if this shit goes to negative

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