Im done Veeky Forums it was a pleasure to meme with you guys

i ruined my life. i was up 390.000$ from my small investment of 5.000$ all i did was hold for about 3 years.

im ruined now. nothing is left. i refused to sell and longed leverage to make up for the losses. i got liquidated.

im not going to kill my self for now. im still young and can ride the next hype. but this will not be crypto. crypto is dying.

im never coming back and wont turn around. it was a fun ride but im going to wage cuck from now on.

internet money is a meme and you guys know it.
sell all the coins you got as long as you still can.
ppl spreading the "HODL" meme are delusional or want to see the world burn.


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Yes retard tell yourself you can't make it in crypto because you are dumb as fuck and decided to leverage trade

i was down about 80% before that trade

at least you were trading with an amount you were comfortable with losing


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Don’t wear a big hat if your head is too small , lil boy.

>buy decent house
>start family with cutie
No you had to dream of lambo cocaine parties. Good you lost everything leverage trading faggot. Hope Panjeet leaves big poo on your desk every morning.

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OP is a such a fucking faggot, holy shit.

You still had more than you invested 3 years ago. And all you had to do was hodl and wait for market to recover.
Instead you literally gambled it all away.

im trying to warn others. learn from my mistakes. get out as long as you still got money in there. crypto is a scam.

you should kept $5000 in tether so you would at least get your initial investment back

if you were actually up 390k at one point and didnt cash out you are literally stupid.

oh and leverage trading, rip in piss and burn in grease fire.

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This OP is a retard

reading this made my stomach drop

but then I remembered how much Bitcoin FUD I've been seeing literally everywhere

fake news

saged and reported

i was going through my accounts and got 3.75 eth left. im going to give them away. i dont care about that money since i lost so much. im not financially ruined by this. it was just 5.000$ i lost.

who of you cunts is worth my 3.75 eth?

Smart to second guess your initial instincts.

Logically speaking, crypto is the future. It certainly can be delayed but it can't be stopped. Sooner or later the adopting is inevitable. Crypto is faster, will be easier and can do more than just act as a placeholder for wealth. It's a no-brainer.

All we have to do is send 0.02 eth to your address right?

its your own fault you leveraged a huge position you faggot if you just held you would be fine so fuck off

send it to beezee let him stake it till he brake it

I'm if you actually send me some then I retract your faggotry and actually feel bad for you because you obviously are not lying.


Hit me with a little somethin somethin senpai


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if you are for real and not just larping i want you to know OP ur so fucking stupid it's a textbook charts bubble patern the mass media attention, celebrities posting about shitcoins, everything was there. If it wasn't obvious to you're other wordly stupid. Crypto has a bright future after this is done bottoming out and retards like u aren't going to be in it.

i was about to send it to a random wallet but im not sure which one is acitive.

post your adresses anons i will deliver

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Help a poorfag out and deliver, damnit.


Sure, I love gambling too


I'm a poorfag, sorry for mendicity


thanks user

i send each you 0.5 eth
thank me later


help buy a motorbike to go to work op

There is always another opportunity


Bro its your fault for being a greedy biitch. You were in the market for 3 years yet you dont even understand wash trading and how manipulated the market is by whales???

You NEVER trade on leverage when whales are wash trading. You are their prey. Fucking idiot man. They have soooo many tactics to get your coins off of you and they prey on your greed. Well done. They will make consistent patterns they will let you win for a bit the. When they trained you to give u confidence and u increase leverage they will do a u turn and fuck you over. You fell for that by the looks of it. They can even create fake but volume or sell volume.

How u here for 3 years yet still fall victim to wash trading?

All u had to do was take profits regularly at ath levels as insurance but you were too greedy. Fine. But you refused to just hold for long term in bear market due to your greed and it cost you.

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Alright, I could really use it, user.


ALWAYS protect the capital


0.5 eth for you ´guys.

0.25 are left. next id gets them

op is larping faggot

wait till 6 anons got their 0.5 eth and say that again


Ill drink a toast to your future success, stay frosty user
shut the fuck up u larping nigger


Hope you succed in other ways.0x78f6d84829822875f81A290987EE67415E865D98

OP is such a fucking faggot

ok ok this was fun. going to play some ovrwatch now. lol

Reported. I hope you get a perma ban faggot

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Thanks and good luck man.

perm ban on a manga image board? please no!

>sells and loses all hope before we enter the S curve fully

> Gambler loses his money by margin trading crypto
Sell, crypto is a scam

thanks for the hearty keks user, maybe next time you can use your head. oh I forgot, there will be no next time lol, enjoy wageslaving for the rest of your life

trusting in margin trading? jesus

if you had rubbed those 2 braincells together you might've thought that the exchange itself will rat out your position which apparently is a small one - "big shots" are getting burned in margin trading left and right - by whom? hard to tell could be the exchange or smart money that uses crypto only as a gambling table

the cryptoshit currencies won't have a future anyway unless their gov. owned + inbound blockchain tech surveillance ... literally the worst of everything will prevail

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When bitcoin will be 500k in 2020 I will eat my own dick for you ok