Satoshi Nakamoto is Nick Szabo

- a computer scientist
- lawyer
- cryptographer
- authored the concept and created the phrase 'smart contracts'
- is a digital p2p currency advocate way before bitcoin was born

In 1998, Szabo designed a mechanism for a decentralized digital currency he called "bit gold". Bit gold uses the proof of work consensus and the first ever to use the concept of 'mining to generate gold' to strengthen the blockchain.

In 2008, prior to the release of bitcoin, Szabo wrote a comment on his blog about the intent of creating a live version of his hypothetical currency.

It's 100% confirmed!

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He's not

Hal Finney was. Szabo helped a bit.

He's not

No one has ever given me an answer to this: no matter who it is Szabo or Craig Wright or Hal Finney or whoever, why the Japanese pseudonym?

He’s not

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He’s not

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Hes not

Why? I mean there has to be a strong reason for choosing a name like Satoshi Nakamoto for a non-Jap.

Satoshi nakamoto was the name of some Hal Finney'a neighbor who was about to lose his house because he couldn't pay for it or something
Google it

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S i N m

Satoshi Nakamoto

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He always deny being Satoshi Nakamoto.

I think they co-authored Bitcoin, but it was Szabo's first vision.

American are the best at computer science, Europeans are the best at mathematics. Japanese are the best at computer hardwares.

Because they're all weeabos

The problem is Nick Szabo’s theory of value is the complete opposite of Satoshi Nakamoto’s.
Nick believes scarcity is all that is needed for ‘value’.
There’s a reason the finished product was ‘bit coin’ (as in cash) over ‘bit gold’ (as in precious metal).

The other problem is it’s abundantly clear Nick Szabo does not understand the Bitcoin implementation.

my dad works for Nakamoto you are not correct

What about Hal Finney's neighbour Dorian Nakamoto who lost his house in 2008?
Probably just a coincidence.

They're weaboos dude. Same reason Roger Ver escaped the US to become a citizen of Japan. Same reason Karpeles moved to Japan.

Everyones trying to get rich to move to Japan.

Core cucks getting worried about people losing faith in segwit so working hard to disclaim Craig as Satoshi.

szabo def is. satoshi's chat is his pure language "trusteless, trustless" etc, all indicate him, unabomber linguistic forensics style. he is ideologically driven and knows the importance of symbolism which is why he hasnt' touched the first mill btc.
The God Protocols
November 15, 1999
Nick Szabo,

Imagine the ideal protocol. It would have the most trustworthy third party imaginable — a deity who is on everybody's side. All the parties would send their input to this god. God would reliably determine the results and return the output. In addition, God, being the ultimate in confessional discretion, would ensure that no party would learn anything more about the other party's input than they could learn from their own input and the output.
Alas, in our temporal world we deal with humans rather than deities. Yet, too often we are forced to treat people in a nearly god-like manner because our infrastructure lacks the security needed to protect ourselves.

The creator of Bitcoin is Carlos Matos.

When asked they deny being Satoshi because the themselves weren't satoshi, satoshi was at least two people. Its a white lie.

I've read that, wasn't his next door neighbour but some old dude that lived in his neighbourhood.

I know a guy named Nakamoto who lives 2 streets away from me here in Oz, doesn't mean I'm Satoshi Nakamoto

>he still does not suspect

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1000$ EOY

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stupid LINKies are going to push this now

Craig Wright is Satoshi. It's obvious to anyone with a brain.

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BTC is not bitcoin. BCH is.

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Absolutely the Satoshi who cherished anonymity and privacy is a guy who sprints to the nearest camera to tell the whole world he is a Satoshi the first chance he is given makes perfect sense...if you're a retarded tree-ape

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It really is him, I don't like how he denies it yet it's so obvious its him lol

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>It's real


> doesn't know BITCOIN was originally called ECASH

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Stop posting about Nick Szabo.

seriously... why is there no serious discussion thread

It's technically not a lie at all

He has the keys? So why won't he sign something with them?

Craig pls stop

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