Below ICO price

>below ICO price
>the team is actually doing their jobs
>you arent buying yet

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Go shill somewhere else we are all out of capital.

buy my heavy bags sirs

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Because the team has a history of exit scamming.


Kinda funny how when it was all vaporwave it did a 10x and now that they are delivering it is below ICO price.

J curve.

lol is this shitcoin still around?
this has to be one of the trivecta shitcoins of november
COLX,DBC and Lamden
fucking kek

Holy shit. I bought at ico and sold this at 13x.

I'm stacking up.
This shit is too undervalued. They already have a testnet up for Clove. And they're gonna have another testnet up next week.

it is fucking hilarious how every coin with nothing but a logo and some kind of plan goes 10x as soon as they come out but when they actually deliver it just keeps crashing. it really shows how retarded the average human is.

no usecase for the token except for opening channels. why would you buy that crap

The J curve is real

COLX is several layers of shit lower than TAU. TAU has potential, just need the devs to shut up and work.

They can help a business make a blockchain in 15 minutes
Imagine, ALL the shitcoins will be using this
Shitcoins get ALL THE MONEY you dunce

Most people are just in it for the money

TAU, despite what that >python fags say, is doing more than Komodo did in just a short span of time.

atomic swapping ERC20 tokens. breathtaking

Thanks you sir for tip bought 100k

Hhhhhaahahahaha this coin again. I was the original user who shilled the garbage ICO.

Thank fuck this came out in a bull market and I made 100 ETH but man for a few weeks I was panicking thinking I couldn't offload my 15 eth.

Just go watch one of their YouTube vids and see Stu the lead developer stuttering like a retard. I remember tossing money into the ICO and popping up their vids and reading how they spoke in the telegram and my heart fucking sinking thinking I just lost 15 eth.

But thank fuck I found a shiny BS infographic labelling Lamden vs the other coins and damnn all you clueless pajeets ate it up.

Thanks for the good memories boys.

Nice larp faggot

Why would I spend all my time writing that? I know it's hard for you to wrap your head around having more than 1 eth but you don't need to project it onto me.

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if u are trying to make it appear as though u have made a lot of money, u are fooling none. americans never get rich, just fake rich. china laughs are american "fuck book" jew

-base china (name given by biz wale) :-p

Every fudder who flipped this already cries fratboy and shitcoin over and over. Meanwhile team is getting more done than 99% of other shitcoins out there.

The product is coming in like 2020 Lmao I dumped those bags a long time ago. They will never deliver

Delusional. Don't hold emotion to investments.

Fratboy is the shittiest FUD ever
Carmack was a fratboy when he made was coding DOOM
Zuckerburg was a fratboy when he made facebook
Bill Gates was a fratboy when he made Microsoft
Vitalik was fratboy tier too

I read that they can do it to BTC and BTC forked coins as well.