How much fiat value are you down since the BTC ATH?

How much fiat value are you down since the BTC ATH?

€620,000 here

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means you are also 400k up so suck it and kys

ATH $2200
Now $560

Moved half my stack into Spankchain
Cut my life into pieces

plot twist, he invested 1M euro in December


initial 1.000
ath 12.000
now 1.700

huge mistakes have been made

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Ath 8k
Now 4k

The funny thing is I have like 10x the amount of coins I had at 8k

Ath 9k
now 7k

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hate to think about it

ath 16k
now 10k

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At ATH I had 100% BTC, I still have 100% BTC

Went from 15k to 650k to 85k. Oh well. Should've taken some profit, but really, who could have foreseen that japanese motherfucker who dumped half the bitcoins in existence?

why does ur pic say -50% tho

Initial 1.5k
ATH 7k
Now 1.8k
Feint sense of regret but the money didn't feel real anyway so it doesn't bother me much.


>Europoor put decimals instead of comma's

Why are they so retarded?

ATH 320k
now 35k

shitcoins, never again

>12 inches in a foot
>3 feet in a yard
>1760 yards in a mile

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Says the guy who can't even make the difference between "commas" and "comma's".

Get fucked, you fat slob. You're worthless.

inicial 900
Btc ATH 36000
Now 37900

Reminder to ignore these mutts

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>be brit
>wake up from rotting tooth pain
>forgot to buy toothbrush license

>Initial $ 5 in 1994
>ATH $ 10'300'000
>now $ 20'300'300

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ATH 100%
Now 60% (50% if only my crypto portfolio counts)

About 900k €

Initial 19.000
ATH ~83.000
Now 51.000

Could have been worse, thinking of cashing out mi initial investment soon...

the absolute state of burgers

>((((fiat value))))

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300k ouchi

ATH 20k

But I think it was more as I haven't updated my Blockfolio for ages.

Total now is 5k, but again it's less cos of fudged figures.

>fell for the hodl meme
This is why you take profits.