About to sell my bags @ $69

You guys might want to get in now. As soon as I click SELL, this thing is going to rocket back up to $100

So I'm just giving you all fair warning, get in.

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shut up and sell

do it!

Hold on. Big ICO coming up early April. Will definitely pump te price. Remember thekey pumping NEO from 130-200? Think that kind of pump. Exit after if you want, I'm holding till eoy.

I've already sold.

Now watch the price hit $90 by EOD


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I have sacrificed myself for all of you


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why is NEO tanking so hard? Am i missing any news? I know their consensus mechanism stalled like 2 weeks ago but i didn't think that was a big deal. what is going on??

it's not much but it's all i had

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is it tanking just because of negative momentum? Is there any rationality to this?

> i didn't think that was a big deal

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It didn't do a proper correction due to good news and ontology air drop. We been feeling too comfy during the bear. Needed some shakeout.

Dude, this fucking coin was like ~$20 before the nuclear bull spike in December. How the flying fuck does it justify its value at almost $200 in a month? Come on. People entering this market anytime after January are completely disillusioned with the prices. Same story with XRP. Shit was like $0.14-$0.22 for almost a year, then suddenly $4.00? Where is the justification? These projects have no more utility now than they did before. No justification of their prices.

ICO? You mean this one?

holy shit, 2/3 of team are pajeets

no wonder NEO is dumping

The information to request doesn't come cheap. Until you understand what is happening you will continue to pay for my lifestyle. Thanks user!!!

Neon exchange retard

Since when does anything in crypto fall slowly or calmly. People who bought NEO at it's ATH are panicking and selling

The price is just speculation, and that's equally true at $600 and $6. Or could you give a good justification for even $0.001? What can you do with 1 NEO to gain more than $0.001 except sell it?

>it's actually going up

Jesus christ, how can people on biz be so deluded when it comes to NEO. That consesus mechanism problem was due to a bug with the p2p relay which was already patched. Consensus nodes were JUST updated so blocktimes are now even faster and gas generation is up. NEX ICO coming up as well as the microsoft dev competition which is about to throw like 400 dapps entries it's way. But keep shilling link and calling NEO a "chink scam"

>Consensus nodes were JUST updated so blocktimes are now even faster and gas generation is up.


fuck stupid faggot it's 138$ with btc at 16k$