Who else 'bought the dip'

>tfw you've been 'buying low for a month now and ran out of fiat last night
Well I sure as fuck hope this is the bottom!
Hope I didn't get memed

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You buy the dip during an uptrend. Does this look like an uptrend to you?

you will see the bottom in a few weeks
why did you degenerate gambler constantly throw money in a dark pit and play catch the knife?
oh i forgot, because you are a degenerate gambler

I was never told that
I was told to buy when everything is red and people are scared and giving up

no, but it's not that risky and very lucrative considering how close we are to popular fibonacci retracement levels

>bought the dip 2 days ago
>already down 25%

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you are in for a bad surprise

haha holy fuck

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We're not even close to that. Look at all the bullish delusion, many of them legitimately still think that they're investment is going back to 12k+ next month.

Are you retarded? Most pro TAs are sure that we gonna see below 6k BTC in the coming month

With so many retards here saying it's dumb I know I made good choice adding to may stack before I went to sleep last night

lmao would be a good time to take profits from whatever you bought yesterday

>everyone thinks it's going to go down
Then there is nobody else left to sell/go short.

You gotta think on the next level

The same 'pro TAs' who spent the last 24 hours telling us there's no way we're going above 8400?

I watch these faggots on Twitch and all TA seems to be is an exercise in forever shifting the goalposts

>he didn't buy bitcoin when it was $7700

Are you some kind of retard?

Such as?

Averaged at 8700 we'll see how it plays broski day by day.

yeah dude that's at like 4k, not 8k

most people are bearish, you can't win a zero sum game when you are on the sidelines with everyone else

what made shorting lucrative is that there were few bears on the sidelines right after the bull run, the market was saturated and everyone was in it

Here's some TA that isn't just connecting the dots.

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I've been living buy a line similar to this, considering one wallet bought a billion dollars at an average cost of 8k I consider anything sub 10 to be smart money and anything else overpriced during this bear market. Makes for great swing trades.


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this seriously. People have short memories and are blinded by greed. Its a perfect storm to take peoples money

People who bought above the fuck line will eventually capitulate though and drive the mean price further down.

Yeah man i blew all my fiat on eth at 600
Just 27 more days til payday and i will do it all over again.

I've bought like 5 different dips so far. Luckily, most of my buys were below 6.8k. Since I'm already pretty heavily invested, I'm just saving fiat in case it hits 5k now.

you did not buy the dip,
you tried to dollar cost average but did so improperly by not following a schedule and instead buying when you thought price went down enough.

buying "the dip" implies an ability to read the signals of the bottom of a movement. this is easiest to do in a panic. a panic comes after you break a big support level and everyone freaks out. volume increases a lot, volatility spikes, and red candles start getting really big/long

this is where to "buy the dip" because this is an irregular, unsustainable dip, and will come back up when it bounces. a slow slide down does not constitute a dip. a dip is a large scale move down that is significantly more rapid than is logical.

this is how you buy bottoms or buy close to bottoms, and not stagnating bottoms at that, bouncing bottoms so that you get relatively quick reward, instead of sitting in a flat market forever

if you also add in the strong correlation between massive spikes in volume to the big spikes down, which have large bounces afterwards, you can do even better, noticed how much volume came through at the 5800 bottom and how hard it bounced within a week or two. learning to read shit like that is how you make shit-tones of money


>pro TAs

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Ok. Now this is being posted to much. Tired of shit like this.